Grand Kingdom Release Will Have Extra Classes, For Free

By   /   May 18, 2016
Grand Kingdom

Jordan Vincent, senior product marketing manager of NIS America, has announced on the official  PlayStation blog, that players will have access to extra classes and extra content for Grand Kingdom when it launches on PS4 and PS Vita this June.

According to the announcement the these classes are paid DLCs from the game’s Japanese release, and the developers are giving them away for free, which will be included in the regular game. Players will now have access to all 17 classes as soon as they install their game or just slide in the brand new disk on June 21.

Not only that, developers have also decided to include four Great Nations campaign, which also was a paid DLC in the Japanese version, to the regular game. This increases the game`s content from 12 chapters to a total of 48 chapters of story delving into the far reaches of Resonail’s expansive lore and nations.

According to Jordan Vincent:

In each Great Nation campaign, you’ll align yourself with a particular nation and dig deeper into that nation’s motivations and history. You’ll be introduced to brand new characters, discover the deeper ties that bind rulers to family and nation, and perhaps even discover something about yourself as you decide which nation tugs at your heart the most.

If that is not enough for you then Vincent has more good news for you:

You can also pre-order the PS4 digital version of Grand Kingdom today on PlayStation Store to save 10% on the game, unlock an exclusive Theme, and snag yourself a few cool Charm Scrolls that will let you re-customize your mercenary units once they hit level 20. (Pro-tip: if you have a favorite mercenary troop after you finish the campaign, you can use the Charm Scrolls to make them match your favorite Great Nation and send them to war dressed properly!).

Grand Kingdom is a tactical role playing game released for Japan in 2015 developed by Monochrome Corporation for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

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