Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC Has Leaked On Nexus Mods Website

By   /   May 18, 2016
Fallout 4 DLC

Information leak regarding an upcoming game or DLC has become a norm for the game industry. To leak an entire DLC is something that has never happened before. Someone with the access to closed beta of Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC has leaked the entire DLC in a mod on Nexus Mods website.

The mod has been taken down as of now, but for a while the complete DLC was available to download on the website. Which raises the concern that how many people have downloaded this mod.

A cached version of the website page shows that DLC was downloaded by almost 800 people. The DLC is suppose to be the biggest landmass Bethesda has ever developed for a game’s DLC and this DLC primarily focuses on story. Now so many people have access to it, which could potentially spoil the story for others.

The DLC is supposed to be released on May 19, and Far Harbor starts off a new case from Valentine’s Detective Agency. The story leads the players to search of a young girl and a secret colony of synths.

The search for the girl takes the players to the coast of Maine, a mysterious island where players will have to deal with higher levels of radiation and a more hostile environment.

Another reddit user have data mined the Fallout 4 game files and found new DLC files. According to the leak Bethesda is planning to take players to Nuka World, which I assume is a Nuka Cola based theme park.

Not only this Bethesda also plans to add new workshops in Fallout 4, as to what these workshops are and their purpose in unknown. I suggest you to stay away from usual forums, because Far Harbor DLC has leaked and the details regarding the closed beta of the DLC may end up on the internet.

Thanks Kotaku.

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