Battlefield 1 Xbox One Deal Won’t Turn Off PS4 Gamers, Says EA

Ever since Battlefield 1 agreed to a co-marketing deal with Xbox after the game was announced several weeks ago, some people have worried that the arrangement for Battlefield 1 Xbox One deal might turn off Playstation 4 gamers. Fortunately, EA doesn’t think that there’s any cause for concern, and they let the internet know at the EA Investor Day briefing earlier this week.

EA’s chief marketing officer Chris Bruzzo even said that Battlefield 1 is just as much of an Xbox One game as it is a Playstation 4 or a PC game. All three platforms have a large player base for pretty much every game, which has helped it become extremely successful.

Both Microsoft and Sony often grab big-name games like these in order to bring in brand awareness for their own console. It’s because of this that sometimes Call of Duty and Battlefield play at one of the two’s E3 conference, but not at the other. Players will then associate one of the games with the console they’re shown for, and thus sales for that certain console may increase.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Battlefield 1 Xbox One deal will end up impacting its Playstation 4 sales. After all, with Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare having direct opposite like/dislike proportions on YouTube, Battlefield 1 will likely be successful no matter what platform it’s on. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is now the most disliked non-music video on YouTube while Battlefield 1 is one of the most liked.

Battlefield 1 will be launching in late October (earlier than Call of Duty, scheduled for release in November) this year, though players with EA Access can get it on October 18 to play instead. Along with the release dates, at some point before the game launches players will be able to log in to a Battlefield 1 multiplayer beta to test out the game’s multiplayer before it launches.

What’s your take on Battlefield 1 Xbox One deal for branding? Does it bother you as a PS4 owner?