DOOM Multiplayer Demons Guide – Revenant, Baron of Hell, Mancubus, and Prowler

By   /   May 18, 2016

DOOM multiplayer allows players to transform themselves into demons and decimate the entire enemy team. There are a total of 4 demons that players can transform into, however, these demons must be unlocked before they are ready.

Moreover, there are a couple of multiplayer game modes such as Soul Harvest and Clan Arena which does not allow demon transformation. In all other game modes, you simply need to pick a demon rune that spawns on the map and transform yourself.

Do note that enemy team will still be able to kill you while you are in the demon form, but you will be able to do a whole lot of damage before going down. Due to this reason, the demon runes are always contested in a multiplayer game.

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DOOM Multiplayer Demons Guide

Our DOOM multiplayer demons guide details everything you need to know about these demons you can transform into and more.


Unlocked: Level 1

This demon has the ability to hover in the air for about 4 seconds using the jetpack which has a 5 seconds cooldown time. Moreover, it is equipped with twin missiles that can deal a whole lot damage.

However, the missile has slow travelling speed and requires accurate anticipation of enemy movement to get accurate shots.

When going against the Revenant, you should try to disable the jetpack by firing at its power core and restrict its movement of ground. Once you have done that, stay behind cover to avoid the missiles and continue to fire to chip away its 300 HP.

Baron of Hell

Unlocked: Level 5

This melee demon is incredibly fast, but has limited jumping ability. Its primary attacks include a ground pound attack that creates an incendiary effect in front of it and grab attack that rips enemies from limb to limb. While playing as this demon, you should always be on the move and try to catch enemies off-guard.

When going against it, you should try to maintain a safe distance and watch your flanks. Since you do not have to worry about any rockets ranged attacks coming your way, you should not face any significant difficulty in chipping away its 750 HP.


Unlocked: Level 9

This demon has its movement restricted to ground since it can barely jump. It is equipped with twin rocket launchers, but only fires a single rocket at any given time. In addition to this, it also has a ground pound attack which damages nearby enemies in a fixed area-of-effect.

Moreover, you should avoid continuous firing as the rocket launcher can overheat pretty easily. Thanks to you 800 HP, you can roam around the area eliminating enemies with your rockets.

When it comes to eliminating this demon, do note that it is best to take it out with a couple of players. Use your Plasma Rifles, Rocket Launcher, and grenades in order to deal damage to it.

Moreover, you should not undermine the effectiveness of DOT. Since this demon has relatively slower movement speed, you should try to maintain a safe distance and chip away its HP from a distance.


Unlocked: Level 17

Although this demon only has 275 HP, it can cling to almost any surface in a multiplayer map and Glory Kill unaware enemies.

In addition to its pounce attack, it can also execute a devastating melee attack for CQC. This demon shines in almost every map, but is really effective in maps in which there are a lot of corridors and places to hide. Lastly, this demon can see enemies through the walls.

The best way to deal with this demon is to stick close and hope that it will make a mistake. Although this demon is insanely fast and can get away rather easily, do note that it is the weakest of all and a few well-placed shots can kill it.

This is all we have on DOOM demons guide. If there is something else you would like to, do make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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