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Doom Easter Eggs, Secrets and References Compiled in a Video

By   /   May 18, 2016

Doom is returning to rekindle the fandom that has been out there for decades, and Bethesda is also doing it in style. They have not only given rebirth to those iconic demons we love to tear apart but also included a quality quotient in the form of Doom Easter Eggs, some interesting secrets as well as pop culture references.

Since we all love Doom, we figured it would be a good idea to pile up nine of the most interesting ones that you should not miss at any cost.

We have made a video demonstrating where all nine of them can be found, starting with the timeless Arrow To The Knee joke from Elder Scrolls.

If you thought that was super dope, check out the next one. Have you ever died by burning in molten lava? I mean, in a game, of course? Well, if you do so in Doom the character goes down with a thumbs up just like dear old Terminator!

There are seven other, rather impressive Doom Easter Eggs and secret references that you can watch in the video embedded above. However, just to give you an idea, they have included everything from Fallout 4 to Commander Keen in there.

Did you spot these or any other Doom Easter Eggs? If you have, let us know below so that we can include those as well.

Also, if you have been playing the game and thinking you could use a helping hand, here is our Boss Guide, Weapons Mods and Upgrades Guide, Praetor Suit Upgrades Guide and Runes Trials Locations Guide.

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