Pokemon Sun and Moon Combat System; Trainers in Battle, New Health Bar, Spectators

By   /   May 17, 2016
pokemon sun and moon

We know that Pokemon Sun and Moon is going to have spectators in the background of the battles, but that is just one small part of the Pokemon Sun and Moon combat changes that are coming our way.

It looks like the battles in the twin games are going to be even more enjoyable than before, due to a number of changes that we have spotted thanks to the games’ coverage on Japanese variety show Pokénchi.

Some clips were shared on the TV show which not only gave us a look at a battle going on between Rowlet and Litten but also reiterated the news about spectators being present during the battle.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Combat System Details

We have discussed the four likely gym leaders you are going to get alongside eight gym types, and the video even brought them in. Apparently, the trainers are going to be standing right behind the Pokemon during a battle!

In past games we had only seen the trainers coming in to talk a little with the main characters, not stay there all the time.

It also appears that the usually round platform on which the battles would take place has been removed altogether. This gives a more realistic touch to the Pokemon Sun and Moon combat system.

Oh and the health bar also seems to have been restyled.

In the past, we have reported how out of the three starter Pokemon, poor soul Popplio is getting serious hate. We have even tried to make sense of it and figured that there is nothing to hate the adorable seal for.

Lastly, did you notice that the new CoroCoro trailer of the game might have also revealed a brand new Pokemon? If not, check it out here.

The game releases to Nintendo 3DS on November 18. Do tell us what you make of the Pokemon Sun and Moon combat system from the details that we know.

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