OverWatch Physical Copies Coming 24 Hours Early

OverWatch Physical copies will release a day early. The interest in OverWatch is at all time high with over 9 million players participating in the beta across all platforms, making it the biggest Blizzard beta of all time. It beats The Division and Destiny as well.

Blizzard Entertainment today announced that more than 9.7 million players around the world played its upcoming team-based shooter Overwatch® during the Open Beta for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, and Windows® PC, making it Blizzard’s biggest open beta ever.

Players mostly prefer downloading digital versions of multiplayer only games so releasing such a popular title on retail early will boost physical sales of OverWatch.

However, if you can wait for a few days to play the game you may get your hands on a copy for free on the platform of your choice. SegmentNext is giving away a free copy of OverWatch (PS4, Xbox One, PC). The multiplayer shooter can be yours for free during the release week when we announce the winner.

Head over here for more details on how to participate in our giveaway. Best of luck to all of you OverWatch fans out there.

OverWatch is a multiplayer shooter developed by Blizzard entertainment. Unveiled at Blizz Con in 2014, the game focuses on co-op gameplay using a cast of unique heroes, each with its own abilities,class and skill-set.

OverWatch is releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 24.