Pokemon GO Beta Signups Now Available in the US

By   /   May 16, 2016
Pokémon GO Windows 10 Mobile

In September of last year, after the death of former Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, Tsunakazu Ishihara unveiled Pokemon GO, an upcoming mobile game for iOS and Android devices that will allow users to capture Pokemon in the real world, along with using them to battle, trade, and train more Pokemon. Now, the Pokemon GO beta has moved to the US, allowing players there to sign up.

The game will also have a companion device in the form of a watch-like device called the Pokemon Go Plus. The device will use flashing lights and vibrations through a Bluetooth connection in order to notify users of nearby Pokemon.

The Pokemon GO beta has already begun in countries like Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Before then, the closed beta had happened last winter.

Now, citizens of the United States can sign up for the beta too. By visiting the website for Niantic, you can sign up for a chance to be part of the testing phase for Pokemon GO.

The announcement of Pokemon GO is also tied to the fact that February 27 of this year was the 20th anniversary of Pokemon’s release, sparking a media juggernaut that kick-started the “Mon” franchise of games, where players train and play with their own monsters in games such as Monster Rancher, Yokai Watch, and Dragon Quest.

Pokemon GO will also include in-app purchases (like many mobile games these days) despite being free to play, though so far we have no idea what the money will be used for. With luck, it will not be for vital items like Poke Balls or getting certain legendary Pokemon.

Either way, with Pokemon GO slated to release sometime this summer, we’ll hopefully be getting more information sometime soon. Unfortunately it will most likely not be at E3, due to Nintendo saying that only the new Legend of Zelda game will be at the conference next month.

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