New Overwatch Short “Dragons” Pits Hanzo Against Genji

By   /   May 16, 2016
Overwatch Hanzo Main

With Overwatch’s release now only around a week away, Blizzard has released a third new Overwatch short to promote it. Entitled “Dragons,” the short focuses around two characters: the Japanese former ninja Hanzo, and his brother, the cyborg Genji.

The short has a backdrop of a Japanese legend of two dragon brothers, who fought each other until one killed the other. In an obvious parallel, both of the short’s central characters also fight each other over their past actions.

Before the events of the game, Hanzo and Genji were part of the same clan, a ninja family known as the Shamada. While Hanzo was looked on to as the heir to the family’s criminal empire, Genji refused until the clan elders pressured Hanzo into a violent confrontation with his brother.

Genji nearly died from the fight, but was saved and transformed into a cyborg to heal from his injuries. Now no longer fully human but also not fully robot, Genji joined Overwatch, but eventually left and went on a journey of self-discovery until he met Zenyatta, who showed him a way to find balance in his new self.

Hanzo, in the meantime, experienced a great deal of grief over Genji’s apparent death, leaving his clan and everything he had worked for.

In the new Overwatch short, the two brothers finally confront one another in their family home over Hanzo’s inability to move past Genji’s death. In a very well choreographed and pulse-pounding fight, we get to see the pair pull off lots of cool stunts. Genji slices an arrow in half. Hanzo fires an arrow that splits into a bunch of different ones, bouncing off of walls. And we get to see the special moves of both.

Blizzard already has more Overwatch shorts planned before the game launches. Plus, with two others (“Recall” and “Alive“) already out and online, we’ll probably get a good bit more backstory about other Overwatch operatives before the game releases next Tuesday. And who’s to say Blizzard will stop there?

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