A Wave of Destiny Bans Has Hit Before Trials of Osiris

By   /   May 14, 2016
destiny bans

Even in a console-exclusive game like Destiny, there are going to be hackers. Plus, in a game mode like Trials of Osiris, a winner-take-all best-of-three tournament-like scenario, they’re going to be extra willing to hack. Thankfully, with a wave of Destiny bans prior to the upcoming new Trials of Osiris map that will be released next week, Bungie has, for now, at least, gotten rid of a number of cheaters.

And this isn’t anything new, either: Bungie often does ban sweeps of the Destiny servers, but it’s not often that they make a public spectacle out of it like they’re doing now. The answer to why might lie in what kind of events come after the Destiny bans.

Trials of Osiris is still one of the best ways to get gear in Destiny; the quality of that gear depends on how high on the ranks you go. Get all the way to nine wins without losing at all, and you’ll get to go to the planet Mercury, to an area known as the Lighthouse.

Inside the Lighthouse is a large loot chest, which has a chance of dropping unique Trials of Osiris gear, Etheric Light (for Year One legendary upgrades), Passage Coins for more Trials runs, Motes of Light, and exotic gear.

With such a treasure trove within their grasp, it’s no wonder that Destiny bans are a necessary thing for Bungie to go through from time to time. But now that Bungie has activated their own class-exclusive Super, the Banhammer, you can at least try and enjoy the Trials of Osiris without fear of anyone pulling cheap tricks.

Dirty tactics can be expected in the Trials almost universally, whether people that use lag switching so that they don’t die, other players that hack IP addresses and get their opponents kicked from the game, and more, Trials is a random dice throw between fairness and cheating.

Now, Guardians, I expect you all to suit up and do your best in a Trials match or two (or nine) and try and get to that Lighthouse.

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