Madden NFL 17’s Madden Ultimate Team Loyalty Program Explained

By   /   May 14, 2016
madden ultimate team

Ever since Madden NFL 11, the 2010 version of the Madden NFL series of sports games from EA Sports, introduced a brand-new game mode to the series when EA Sports debuted the “Madden Ultimate Team” mode, a downloadable player mode where gamers could buy player packs in order to build their own custom team.

These packs could either be bought with real money, or could be bought with coins that you would earn from winning a game, scoring a touchdown, and other such actions in-game. As the gamer gained more coins or bought more packs, they could buy better players, eventually building the “Ultimate Team” (roll credits).

This has continued in every game since then, and now EA Games has released information about the loyalty program that will be included in Madden NFL 2017. Dubbed the Madden Ultimate Team Loyalty Program, the program can be used for players that carry over special vouchers from Madden NFL 16 to Madden NFL 17.

Players that own Madden NFL 16 can earn these loyalty vouchers from solo challenges, the ranked mode of Draft Champions, or the ranked version of Salary Cap. Other loyalty vouchers can be earned by hitting milestones in the Head to Head Seasons Games, Draft Champions Ranked games, Salary Cap Ranked games, Solo challenges, and Sets completed.

You can only carry over 10 loyalty vouchers to Madden NFL 17. However, once Madden NFL 17 comes out, you’ll be able to use those Madden Ultimate Team loyalty vouchers to obtain various packs that you can use to build your “ultimate team.”

So, if you want to get some stuff from NFL 17’s Madden Ultimate Team mode for free, you’d best start working on getting those vouchers together so that you can transfer them over from NFL 16 to NFL 17.

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