How Firaxis is Tweaking Civilization VI Diplomacy and Leaders

By   /   May 14, 2016
Civilization VI Diplomacy and Leaders

We have already covered other areas of changes that Firaxis Games’ latest is going to get, so now let’s look at Civilization VI diplomacy, how it gets revamped and how it remains the same.

If you are interested in knowing more about the game, you can check out our detailed posts on how science is going to be different and how city building has been reinvented. If you are looking for a more generalized outline of everything that is going to be new this time and how that is going to serve you well, check out this.

Civilization VI Diplomacy and Leaders

Before we dig into this let us tell you what happened with Civilization V. The game had intricately differentiated civilizations, each of them was different when you played them, but the area where it lacked was how those civilizations felt when you were fighting against them.

The AI was not as expansively designed as the civilizations were when you were in control, as a result they appeared similar. As a result, it didn’t matter who was out there against you, at least not in most of the cases.

Of course I am creating an exception for Gandhi and the likes here.

Now, the developers have spent time with each leader, looked into their histories and figured out what they cared for, and used that as a strong attribute (or trigger in some cases) for the leaders.

For instance, you are near a leader who incessantly wants to beat everyone in terms of construction achievements and you decide to outdo him in Wonders. This would probably irritate him and he would want to go on war with you because you took away the one thing he cares for i.e. being the best at building wonders. There are a number of other examples.

Were you thinking that would be too predictable? Well, of course history is an open book and it would be easy to pick up personality traits of known historical figures. However, there is more to it.

Firaxis Games has also added secret random agendas to each leader (random for each game) which is where the Civilization VI diplomacy and trade systems come in.

The diplomatic system is going to be in line with these changes and of course get massively impacted by them.

You will find a much better user interface that might help you stay there for longer instead of the bland one that came with Civilization V, and hopefully not need those mods for at least some things you want to do.

There is going to be a lot of information for you about everything related to the diplomatic ties you have. This is going to help you make informed trade decisions, for starters.

Much more will be shared about the Civilization VI diplomacy systems as well as other areas, and we will be sure to fill you in on them first. Until then, check out our detailed roundup on everything that Firaxis shared alongside the game’s reveal trailer.

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