How Civilization VI Science Works Differently from Civilization V

By   /   May 14, 2016
Civilization VI Science

Firaxis is reinventing a lot of gameplay elements in their upcoming 4X turn based strategy game, and we just discussed what’s new in the game’s city building. This time, let’s discuss Civilization VI science elements and how they are going to improve over Civilization V.

We know that this time the game is much different from its predecessor, and we also know how that is good. One major element in it is how they have streamlined the science and research activities.

Civilization VI Science Got Much Better!

Remember how the most passive activity in Civilization V was research? You would put up something to work on the sides and keep playing the game you wanted to because it would take a good long amount of turns before the research’s benefits could be reaped.

This brought other gameplay elements to the front like military in Civilization V and city building as well in Civilization VI, but putting technology on the sideburner due to speed was not something Firaxis wanted this time.

Not only that, the developers wanted a level of realism in the research department meaning things like your geological location should have an impact on how you unlock certain technologies. How can a city that has no coast be equally good at sea related technologies as an island or a city with a major coastline?

The tech tree also worked more independently of your situation and your game world, but that changes to some extend now.

The developers are attaching specific activities to all the Civilization VI science technologies you will be researching on. These activities will in-turn help pace up the technological research in question.

If you earned some scientific credit by making some quarry terrain improvements using a builder, it would speed up Masonry related research.

Not only that, different types of research will ask for different levels of time depending on your resources. You have no stones and want good Masonry research? Well, you’re at an inherent loss in comparison with others who are mining stones.

Same is the case with other types of terrain that your city might have as research is going to be related to resources. This goes as far as having an impact on military research actually, although that won’t have anything to do with the terrain but the amount of barbarians you fight in the beginning.

Our advice for everyone who wishes to excel at the Civilization VI science research and related things is that you should do your own homework on how things are going to work for the types of research you are interested in, the ideal time to do that would be while starting the game, of course, because once you have the starting region at your disposal your terrain type etc is already decided.

The game releases in October and here are all the details Firaxis Games has shared alongside the reveal.

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