First Hitman Elusive Target Is Available, Find Him If You Can

By   /   May 14, 2016
Hitman Elusive Target

Square Enix has announced its first Hitman Elusive target which players can track down and kill. This is a limited time event which brings a new enemy for contract killer Agent 47 to track down. This Elusive target is hidden within the game till 2 p.m. ET on May 15.

According to the publisher, these Elusive targets will not be revealed in advance, instead players will have to track them down on their own. Once they have found their target, players will have only one shot to take the enemy out and if the targets finds out about the presence of Agent 47 then that’s it.

These mission are not replayable.

As I mentioned earlier,  Hitman Elusive target will not be revealed in advance, but since this is the first Elusive target Square Enix have given players a bit of a heads up.

A trailer spotlighting this weeks custom target Sergei Larin, or “The Forger” has been released. The trailer has the intel for the players, while detailing how the new live mode mode works.

These Elusive targets were first announced in February, the first one arrives one week after the release of Hitman’s second episode.

Hitman is the first title in the franchise to be released in an episodic format or PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, these episodes will become available throughout the year. Retail version of Hitman is expected early next year once all the episodes are complete.

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