Doom PS4 Outperforms Xbox One; Microsoft’s Console Stayed Below 1080p

By   /   May 14, 2016

Doom is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. According to a recent analysis, PlayStation 4 version outperforms Xbox One by offering a higher resolution and much stable 60FPS experience.

In Xbox One, the frame dips during busy action packed scenes is noticeable but overall performance of the console holds up. However, PS4 does a much better job of holding 60FPS with very minor dips during action scenes.

Image quality remains higher on PS4 as well with smooth animations and fluid controls, maintaining 1080p majority of the time. Meanwhile, Xbox One struggles to hit 1080p mark and dips well below on many occasions.

Both versions of Doom utilise dynamic resolution scaling, rendering at up to 1080p.

This in no way means that the Xbox One version is slouching, instead, it does very well to run Doom. It just falls short of PS4 level stability.

Doom single player campaign stays true to its roots and ID Software has done an amazing job to revive this classic franchise in the modern era. The game was recently praised by Lawbreakers developer Cliff Bleszinski as well.

OK some rapid fire Doom thoughts. Weapons feel good so far. Good to see some satanic stuff in there. Awesome to be on the Martian surface

Which platform are you playing Doom on? PS4, Xbox One or PC? And do you think Doom is a back to form? Share what your thoughts and views in the comments below.

Source: Digital Foundry

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