Civilization VI City Building And How It Changes From Before

By   /   May 14, 2016
Civilization VI City Building

There were a number of things in Civilization V that we loved, but there also were a, comparatively smaller, number of things that either the developers were not content with or the community itself. Some of those area are a part of the new Civilization VI city building, which Firaxis has really come at like a pro – as far as the initial details suggest.

They have addressed the more finer details in it while also making some major changes to the game that can be outlined by two primary aspects, the first is about unstacking the cities and the second is about districts being made by their types.

Civilization VI City Building – Unstacked Cities & Grouping

People who have played the Civ games in the past know about the Stack of Doom i.e. which was changed in Civ V, allowing players only one military unit per tile. This has been applied to Civilization VI city building now.

You are now going to to have 12 districts that are distinguished by color but not entirely available to you at the beginning of the game. So there districts kind of divide your space to allow you to raise specific types of structures in specific cities. Imagine one research focused district, another industry focused district and so on.

These will be outside the city center.

You could have a science focused district where libraries and universities will pave the way for research labs and soon it will be a well developed science based district.

What makes this all the more reason for you to expand soon is that your population and the number of districts is going to be directly proportional in Civilization VI city building. The early you choose specializations of your district, the better it is for you.

The chosen terrain will also play a major role in the choices you get and the things you pick up to do. Developers say that you are looking at bonuses for having a science district adjacent to mountains or jungle. Similarly, holy cites bring bonuses near the woods.

However, this is going to be a question of decision making and calculation too; can you make all these and the harbor on the coast and still manage to feed the people with your current resources, because these take up tiles! So you want to get the bonuses but you also want to build farms and mines.

It’s not like you will be able to make what you want and when you want and where you want.

The developers are saying that the cities are basically a hex by hex layout puzzle that you will need to reevaluate again and again later down the line.

You approach to Civilization VI city building will also have an impact on other areas of the game like military, production as well as scouting. Clearly, you will be able to distinguish enemy districts by the wonders or the type of buildings built in them. This way you get to cripple them before a full blown attack.

There will be a lot more on this as more details surface, so keep in touch with us!

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