Ubisoft Confirms Watch Dogs 2, Will Release By March 2017

By   /   May 13, 2016
Watch Dogs Downgrade

Last couple of months rumors about Watch Dogs 2 have been running wild on the internet, and now Ubisoft not only confirmed the existence of the game but also confirmed its release period. According to Ubisoft the game will arrive before the end of fiscal year 2017 i.e. before March 31, 2017.

Ubisoft made the announcement at their latest investors conference, and this is not the only big news revealed by the company.

During the conference Ubisoft not only confirmed Watch Dogs 2 but also spilled the beans about another major AAA title that will be released before March 31 of the next year, however, the company did not share any specific details about the game and we have no idea what this game might be.

Watch Dogs 2 is expected to be revealed at E3 2016, and one of the rumors suggests that Ubisoft has replaced Aden Pearce in the sequel; Aiden was a dull character to begin with honestly. Ubisoft will probably not share any details about the game before E3, however, an artist has released an image showing one of the characters of the game.

It is being speculated that the mysterious character shown in the image is the new lead in the Watch Dogs sequel, but I really hope that this is not the case because the character looks more like a crook then a lead.

Watch Dogs 2 will support DX 12 and most probably will be better optimized for AMD hardware.

I really hope that the game will improve on its predecessor as the original game was very repetitive and story was not so engaging. Also allegations of downgrades, lackluster last-gen ports, a dull lead character had made Watch Dogs a pretty forgettable experience.

What do you think of Watch Dogs 2 reveal at E3? Will you give this game a second chance? Let us know in the comments.

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