Russian Embassy, UK Uses Command and Conquer Image for ISIS, Gets Trolled Big Time

By   /   May 13, 2016
Command and Conquer

Sometimes even the blandest days get a touch interesting when a news like this surfaces online. Somehow, the Russian Embassy in UK thought was a good idea to use an in-game image from Command and Conquer to illustrate the ISIS terrorists getting aid.

Russian Embassy Uses Command and Conquer Image for ISIS

The best part is that this did not happen at a lesser known platform, the official Twitter profile of the Russian Embassy shared an image “for illustration purposes only,” but thought it was fine even if they were using an image from inside a game. Check out their tweet below:

To our surprise, Peter Moore the Chief Competition Officer of Electronic Arts picked up on their tweet and responded with a little trolling:

On behalf of our Command and Conquer team, I’m demanding royalties for this photo of “extremists…”

As soon as he had made the tweet, people all across the gaming community started to troll the Russian Embassy in UK by sharing some really creative images depicting the “terrorists.” Here are some:

However, the trolling wasn’t limited to the Russian Embassy alone, Moore also got a taste of it when fans of Command and Conquer started responding with things like “wait, there is a Command and Conquer team? Tell them to make a game,” and “you’re not allowed to say that unless you’re snarkily reviving the series.”

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