Parts of The Division Patch 1.2 Changelog Outlined by Ubisoft Massive

By   /   May 13, 2016
the division patch 1.2

The Division patch 1.2 changelog was discussed by Ubisoft Massive during the State of the Game Show. The entire changelog is yet to be shared but parts that were mentioned were very interesting.

For instance, no weapon rebalance in 1.2 but Stalker bonus is being nerfed as it gave all weapons additional damage.

Just yesterday, we reported that The Division has issues with its Sentry Gear that gives all weapons 15% additional damage with Staler bonus. It was intended to be for Snipers and Marksmen only but all weapons got a boost. Community Manager Hamish Bode assured us yesterday that after The Division update the Stalker bonus will work as originally intended.

  • No weapon rebalance in 1.2 (at least not directly at the weapon) the reasoning was, they dont have enough data to balance the weapons yet, cause everyone uses the same stuff
  • Brutal talent (increased headshot dmg) nerfed, now the bonus is additive not multiplicative (they stated it was never intended to be multiplicative)
  • Sentry set: 4 talent bonus now only works with semi automatic weapons (shotgun, markmansrife, pistol, etc. / burst fire weapons were not mentioned)
  • New gear sets in 1.2 – the new sets give more power to currently underpowered weapons
    gear talents: reckless/balanced fixed
  • Talent stacking bug fixed
  • Performance gear mods getting buffed (allowing to improve skills further)
  • New stat: toughness – (includes armor and health values /no protection from elites, resiliance, etc./) replaces health display in main character screen
  • Armor cap beeing increased (from 65% to 75% dmg mitigation)
  • Voice indicator in ui (you can see if you are transmitting over mic)
  • PxC Cap increased to 2000 (from 1000)
  • No new gearscore items (204 HE and 240 SET still highest)

We’ll let you know as soon as more details for the next The Division update are available.

Source: Reddit

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