OverWatch Cheaters Will Be Permanently Banned, Blizzard Details Ban Policy

As we know that no multiplayer game is free of hackers and Overwatch is no exception, community manager Stephanie Lylirra Johnson confirmed that there were active cheaters in the beta and these Overwatch cheaters will be permanently banned.

According to Stephanie Lylirra Johnson:

Unlikely to publicly acknowledge when accounts are closed as a result of cheating or using unauthorized programs.

She further pointed out that hacks@blizzard.com is the e-mail address is where all the reports and evidence players can send.

She further said that:

Thanks to reports submitted during the beta, we’ve already made improvements to the game as well as removed players who were found to be cheating.

This is most likely  in response to the concerns of the community in recent days about cheating during the beta.

She further said that video evidence is useful, but the videos will never be used as sole base to permanently ban an account as the in-game camera does not play back footage at the same fidelity as the real-time gameplay. This could make player’s aim appearing more snappy or less fluid in playback than in-game. In simple words it can cause a innocent player look like a cheater.

She also notified that some players are just really good at first person shooters through years of practicing, and movements of these players can sometime appear unnatural to those who have not been exposed to their level of play before.

In addition, developers will also include a ‘report players’ option for potential cheating in the game client. This option will be available at launch and can be accessed through right click > Report menu.