Only One More Traditional Console Cycle Left: Ubisoft

For a while we have been hearing from different industry personnel that traditional consoles are coming to an end, and that there would be great changes to the way we play games on consoles. So far, traditional consoles are basically the same as they have always been but now Ubisoft is even claiming that there is only one more traditional console cycle left.

What does this mean? How will console gaming change in the future?

Now on the console side, we expect there will be new consoles that are going to make this market continue to grow and we feel it’s… we’ll still have another generation of consoles before we have new types of consoles coming to the market

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are currently busy growing their market share in the console business. Sony and Microsoft are rumored to be working on an upgrade to their current hardware, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Rumors point to the possible release of PlayStation Neo and Xbox 1.5 so is that the way we are heading?

What will these “new types of consoles” be like? Digital only? Are we going to stream games? ¬†Will they be upgradeable like PC? There are many question and possibilities but I guess we will know when we get there.

Both PlayStation 4 Neo and Nintendo NX are rumored to be appearing at the Tokyo Game Show but there is word on Xbox 1.5.