Likely Names of Pokemon Sun and Moon Gym Leaders and Types

Game Freak is discussing the gameplay, the starter Pokemon, the games’ release date and more, but they are yet to start talking about the Pokemon Sun and Moon Gym Leaders as well as their types, but they are known to leave breadcrumbs that you can pick up and figure out at least some of the stuff yourself. Today we are going to do just that.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Gym Leaders Names

If you have watched the Japanese trailer of the game and missed what we are about to point out, you should check out the trailer once more. It is embedded below. Note the scene where the boy is shown turning his back towards the main wall of the classroom while being introduced.

That wall in the background might be holding the names of at least four of the Gym Leaders! Longstanding fans of the game would know that the developers are likely to include eight Gym Leaders in the games, and there also are eight silhouettes in the background with four of them having their names next to the silhouettes.

These names are Caitlin, Pablo, Hoku, and Ed being the first, third, fifth and seventh according to the order in which they appear on the wall. From what we have seen, these could be half of the total Gym Leaders you are going to get in the game.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Gym Leaders Types

Moving on, the developers have also not discussed the different types of Gym Leaders we are going to get, which is why we are again speculating on them. Here’s an expected list of Gym Leaders types you might get in the game:

1. Ground Type: Just like Rock Type, this is a good bet for being introduced early in the game but it has not been used equally. While Rock Type has been used six times, Ground Type came to the light only once. Also, there is a good balance of strengths to weaknesses here, Ground is stronger than Fire and weaker than Grass and Water.

2. Fire Type: Since the game name has “Sun” in it, the Fire Type appears to be a natural choice. Also, there was a badge among several that were shown off by a trainer at the Kanto region in the sixth generation which was a Fire Badge. It could come at number two because it is strong against grass, weak against water, and resistant against fire adding more to learn for the newcomers.

3. Water Type: This one was also one the aforementioned badges and could swap places with Fire too. Also, there was a building in the reveal trailer of the games that looked like a Water Gym building. It would also add a number of variations to the strengths and weaknesses equation.

4. Flying Type: Being another one of the badges shown by the aforementioned trainer, Flying Type could come in after the first three most probable Gym Types.

5. Dark Type: There are some types that have been overly used and the developers would want to add variety. A Dark Type has never been used in the past for a gym leader although we don’t see any sort of reason why that should be the case. We expect it to change this time.

6. Poison Type: First and Fifth generation has previously used Poison Type Gym Leaders but that is out of seven which means it has a chance to be included in the Pokemon Sun and Moon Gym Leaders Types. With the various status conditions it also has interesting challenges.

7. Ghost Type: Kalos region in Sixth generation did not have a Ghost Type gym and it is also a very rare occurrence in the franchise at large, unless the developers don’t care about a lot of repetition in the case of Gym Types as well, this has a fair chance of getting included.

8. Fairy Type: It has been used in the Sixth generation due to which some might say the Seventh will not have it, but that was also when the developers first introduced the Fairy Type. They might want to keep it in the limelight. Also, if you have seen the Starter Pokemon you would have figured that they are probably Dark and Fire Fairy types. So that goes in line as well.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Gym Leaders and Gym Types are going to get official details very soon, but until then tell us if you think we have gotten these right. The game’s reveal brought in a lot of excitement however, some of the playful looking starters have not gotten the love they expected.