In Defense of Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter Popplio

By   /   May 13, 2016
Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter

Clearly, ever since the Starters were detailed, most of the Pokemon fans have disliked the Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter Popplio, while Rowlet and even Litten got a lot of approvals. Not only that, the poor water type Pokemon has been based all over the internet for being bad looking.

Most of the fans have disliked him because they think its design is not up to par. It is true that Popplio looks like a clown of sorts, a clown Seal? But come on, what could be more adorable than that!

People are calling it silly, but isn’t silliness cute?

Moreover, it has been a good long time since the designers put in extensive efforts to give us a creative water based starter Pokemon, and Popplio is the first in a long time to have done that. The developers have really been creative with it; we have got a Seal on the one end and a clown at the other.

Consider what this Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter will look like when it grows up, you’d want something empowering right? Well, if there is one thing that the image of a trained Seal all over the world does, it is to empower. And, a grown up strong clown is something a lot of us fear even in our later years.

On top of that perfectly grabbed concept behind it, this Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter is the best Seal Pokemon we have ever had. There were Seel and Spheal before, but we all know they lacked the charisma that Popplio has.

For one, in this form he is adorable with eyes that want to say can I lick your toes, and with flaps that issue a warning about what sort of a monster this Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter can become when it evolves.

On the other hand, you have the Grass Type Owl, Rowlet which is definitely interesting but why the hate for poor Popplio alone and not Litten? Litten is a mammal, Fire Starter and that confines the level of creativity you can give to what it will become when it grows up. We are bound to get something at least similar to what we have already had.

But that won’t be the case with Popplio, folks!

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