Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Bashing Makes No Sense At This Point

By   /   May 13, 2016
infinite warfare movement system

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is being hated on so much that the game’s reveal trailer was the fifth most disliked video on YouTube just in the first few days of the reveal. So much so that even Battlefield 1 developers pitched in to call it ugly – although they apologized later.

So there are two aspects of it, correct me if I am wrong, one being that people are wary of getting a sci-fi setting based in the future again and second being that they are not satisfied with the quality that has been shown.

Before we take out the guns, let’s analyze each. About being a badly timed sci-fi based future game, we should consider that Infinity Ward has been working on this game since about two years now and back at that time they had no clue that in 2016 people would have decided they don’t want another game in that setting this year.

Back then, it sounded like a good idea. Of course there had been Ghosts and Black Ops 3 both of which were edging towards the future we are being shown in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, but neither one of them was a full-on space based first person shooter- which, by the way, is exciting in itself.

Infinite Warfare is bringing us the core of COD set in the space; the ideal shooter experience (and genre goodwill) that is highly focused on pure space combat. We have not had that in a while. So basically it appeared to be a good idea at the time these guys started working on it.

More fire to the fuel was added with the reveal of Battlefield 1 because it sort of resonated with the expectations of the people more than Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. EA DICE’s reveal was pitch perfect, with amazing graphics and a setting that was largely unexplored.

As far as the other aspect is concerned i.e. the one about the game not being able to satisfy us with its visuals and all, let’s just hold our horses a while. We have only seen the reveal, there has been no proper gameplay videos, there have been no alphas, no betas and no reworks based on feedback – all of which are an integral part of game development these days.

Let us at least wait for Infinity Ward to start showing us what they have toiled on for two years, let the in-game features get revealed, let us then weigh the complete equation.

What everyone is doing right now (by making it a mission to make the reveal trailer YouTube’s most disliked video) is to act prematurely.

How can we make up our mind so rigid and so early? Let’s at least give them a chance to show what they consider worthy.

There will be reviews, there will be previews before that and until that time there will be countless developments relating to the visuals as well as the gameplay (which, let me reiterate, we are yet to see).

Yes, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare might end up being just as bad as you thought, and we are not asking you to pre-order it now, but wait and see if it really is deserving of all that hate even after Infinity Ward is done trying to polish it your way.

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