Is The Battlefield 1 Setting of WWI Too Sensitive a Topic?

Before the next Battlefield game or the Battlefield 1 setting was shared, everyone had their opinions. Some expected a WWII story, some wanted them to go dive into the future (like Call of Duty Infinite Warfare has now done) while others actually expected a WWI setting.

It goes without saying for anyone who has studied the Great War that it is not a point in history that people cherish. Especially when it comes to multimedia as well as interactive media like video games, people are divided on whether they regard it as a topic too sensitive or not.

The reason behind all this is the painful bloodshed that was caused by a number of countries who fought for mere pieces of land. Although EA DICE has said that unlike what the Battlefield 1 setting suggests, the game is not just about the trenches.

Instead it focuses on the stories of different soldiers, the fact remains that the backdrop of all the events happening in the game will be the worst bloodshed we have seen in the history.

So yes, the audience is divided because hundreds of thousands of soldiers were marched to their deaths at the hands of guns that they didn’t even know of in the past wars. People were killed for the sake of the powerful governments and the powerful militaries, they died in vain, if you ask most of us.

But is that reason enough to say that the Battlefield 1 setting is too sensitive to be turned into a game? Well, honestly the people who are asking that question should first ask why exactly are we okay with WWII based shooters if not this? War is war right?

Vietnam, World War II and all those wars have had games developed on them and they have managed to become some of the most iconic titles in the genre. If someone has to be uncomfortable with WWI, why not the rest?

Since that notion puts all the wars on the same footing in this context, let’s look at other aspects. The era of the Great War has not been tested before. The game brings you Zeppelins, authentic weapons from the era, Bayonets, Horses, Two Seater Planes and a range oof scenarios we have not experienced before.

Also, the entire portrayal of the Great War in general has been primarily that of a disaster, but that doesn’t mean it did not have memorable stories. Red Baron is one example, the aircraft flying aces are another.

It is those untold stories that keep me interested in Battlefield 1. That is probably part of the idea shared by producer Aleks Grondal recently:

We’re not making a documentary on the Great War. This is a fresh take. This is a take where we’re applying our DICE flavours to the era and the setting. That’s really just a backdrop for what the game is in the end.

Last but not the least, the community wanted something new; just look at the games that have been made in different settings in the past and you will see that we have had WWII, we have had current era warfare, we have had allies, we have had terrorists, we have even had near future settings and now Infinite Warfare is taking you to space as well.

Don’t you think EA DICE was running out of options?