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10 Hilarious Types of Video Gamers We Love and Hate

By   /   May 13, 2016

Well, the video gaming community might be one whole but not all video gamers are the same. We have got this large variety of hilarious types of gamers that we have come across, or turned into, or have been like since the day we were born.

So today we look at 10 types of gamers that we love and hate for being just what they are.

Before you dig into the video, let me tell you not to go crazy on us if you find yourself being described in there, we have at least a couple of gamers in our team that our guy Jonathan Crow described very creatively in the video!

So we have got the casual gamers, playing on the mobile and not really caring about the community, and they are contrasted by the the professional players who are amazing for turning their life hobby into their career but are sometimes seen spend more time respawning than actually playing.

There is the obsessed fan who would go to any limit safeguarding their favorite game, even as far as warning the developers “don’t you dare ruin the Final Fantasy VII!”

The most hilarious video gamers are the elitists, these creatures play to prove they have better rigs and better everything to play on but have K/D ratio worse than 10/1.

Check out the video above for the rest.

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