An Unannounced Star Wars RTS Footage Shows Millenium Falcon

By   /   May 12, 2016
Star Wars rts

A new video has emerged on the internet which suggest that a Star Wars RTS game was in development which is most likely cancelled.

This will come as no surprise that twitter user Nerd Leaks was the one who leaked this video. The video shows the footage of X-wings flying around and chasing TIE fighters, while storm troopers and rebels fight on the ground.The video also shows At-At`s firing at the ground troops and X-wings attaching At-At`s.

The game shown in the video is most likely cancelled. The video was posted by Elise Baldwin, who was an audio director for a number of games in EA’s The Sims series. She said that she was the audio director on the Star wars RTS game. However, it is not clear that this game was at one point EA project.

The description of the video says that this Star Wars RTS game was in development for over a year and went through platform/engine pivots. The Star Wars RTS game featured both a simulation mode and a tactical mode.

During the investors conference CFO of EA, Blake Jorgensen, confirmed that Battlefront 2 will have bigger and better maps compared to the current game, and will also feature content from the new movies. He said the Battlefront 2 will release next year, however, we have no idea that he meant 2017 or the next fiscal year.

He said that EA plans to release new Star wars game every year for the next few years. Jorgensen further confirmed that the next Star Wars action game developed by Dead Space Studio, Visceral, and Motive will also release next year, but again he did not mention that the game will be coming out in 2017 or the fiscal year. The company`s fiscal year has already started in April.

Do you think this Star Wars RTS could have been a good game? Let us know in the comments.

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