The Division Server Maintenance Happening, For Three Hours

By   /   May 12, 2016
The Division Underground DLC

The Division server maintenance will take the game’s servers down for three hours tomorrow, from 9 AM Central Time to noon. According to Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment, no changes will take place.

This appears to just be routine maintenance on the game’s servers, so there’s really nothing to get excited about. Formerly, The Division server maintenance took place on Tuesdays, but Ubisoft announced that this would switch to Thursdays as of the end of April.

The switch will not affect the game’s weekly rewards or assignments, as those refresh on Tuesdays. However, the game does have a significant update coming up in the form of update 1.2, which will, among other things make significant changes as to how the game’s loot system works.

Specifically, the quantity and quality of end-game loot. It’s possible that the server maintenance is at least laying the groundwork for major changes like 1.2.

While The Division broke sales records when it released back in March and is responsible for giving Ubisoft its best week ever, the game is not without its flaws.

The game launched with a number of gameplay glitches, and trolls took advantage of its player collision feature to block progression on the very first mission, forcing people to make lines at the desk.

While many of these glitches have been fixed, there’s still the matter of The Division’s netcode on PC, which is full of holes that hackers are able to exploit, including aimbots, making themselves invincible, and other offenses.

These have even annoyed other hackers in the game. Both the glitches and the hackers, combined with the game’s relative lack of content, has caused the playerbase to fall sharply.

If Ubisoft really wants to do The Division server maintenance they could make a switch over to private ones in order to stop hacking from being as big of a problem as it is now.

Since that’s not a likely possibility we’ll have to wait and see what Ubisoft comes out with in update 1.2, when it comes out.

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