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Square Enix Forecasts Huge Revenues From Final Fantasy 15

Square Enix is working hard to bring their highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV to consoles, and there is no doubt that the company has made a huge investment on the game and it is expecting revenues from Final Fantasy XV to be huge once launched.

Square Enix forecasts were reported this during the earnings call, and we got to know how much this game is expected to make in the current fiscal year which will end on March 31st 2017.

Square Enix is already anticipating that revenues from Final Fantasy XV will increase between 16.8 percent to 26.1 percent compared to the last fiscal year. The company also anticipates that the operating cost of the company will go as high as 6.6 percent to 30 percent.

Last year Square Enix released successful titles like Rise Of The Tomb Raider, Just Cause 3, Dragon Quest X and Final Fantasy XIV, these titles brought a lot of revenue for the company.

Last month Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata said that FFXV will have to sell 7 to 10 million copies worldwide in its lifespan in order to be a success. This indicates that Square Enix has invested a lot in the game. The game is indeed a massive project and the investment would not have been this huge if Square Enix had not taken a decade to develop the game.

Square Enix has not confirmed anything about the PC version of Final Fantasy XV but if they invest a little more to bring the game on the most powerful platform there will be more opportunities to break even and even make a decent profit.

Final Fantasy 15 will release on 30 September for Xbox one and PlayStation 4.