PlayStation Neo and Nintendo NX Both Coming to TGS 2016

By   /   May 12, 2016
PlayStation Neo announcement

Nintendo or Sony have not shared their plans for the official unveiling of their respective gaming consoles that are coming our way i.e. Nintendo NX and PlayStation Neo. However, it appears that both the consoles might be making their debut together, at the same event!

According to some unconfirmed sources that VRWorld appears to have talked to recently, both the consoles are going to be there at Tokyo Game Show 2016.

They have not said it explicitly but while talking about details that the insider has shared, including the claim that PlayStation Neo is going to be powered by 14nm AMD Polaris technology, they have mentioned the event.

Not only that, the supposed unveiling of Neo at Tokyo Game Show 2016 also comes right on time for the expected Holiday 2016 launch – although there are at least some doubts about that too.

As far as Nintendo NX is concerned, it is expected to launch sometime in March 2017.

Do keep in mind that all this is purely based on rumor and claims by alleged insiders. We’d wait for more from Sony as well as Nintendo before counting on these details.

Sony is still saying that PlayStation Neo should be treated as an “update” instead of a brandnew console although we are not really sure how well the idea of mid-generation upgrades is going to fare.

As far as Nintendo NX is concerned, Nintendo itself is absolutely silent because they probably want to reveal all the details at once.

It will be interesting to see both the consoles being announced together at Tokyo Game Show 2016, though.

Thanks, VRWorld.

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