Phil Spencer Happy With Nintendo Partner, Following Minecraft Super Mario Bros DLC

Super Mario Bros themed DLC for Wii U version of the game was announced earlier this week, and following the announcement Xbox boss Phil Spencer has spoken up to praise the partnership with Nintendo.

Phil Spencer posted on his twitter account:

Partnership with Nintendo on this has been great. Nice to see Minecraft doing so well on the Wii U and to get the Mario content.

Ever since Microsoft acquired Minecraft and its developer Mojang back in 2014, some have wondered whether Microsoft will support Minecraft on other consoles. While some DLC released for the game exclusively on Xbox platform, for the most part, it has overall been an even affair – PS4, PS3 and Wii U versions of the game have received periodic content updates.

The free Super Mario pack will arrive on Wii U on May 17, which includes 40 skins for characters like Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach, as well as Bowser, Wario and Koopalings character skins.

The DLC will also include 15 Mario songs from Super Mario 64, and Mario themed textures. In addition to regular Minecraft enemies, players will be facing off against Dry bones and Hammer Bros.

Furthermore, it will include a specialized Super Mario world, much like the Skyrim and Mass Effect mashup packs that have been released for other console versions of Minecraft.

After Microsoft announced Minecraft for Wii U, we have been wondering if other Microsoft published titles will release for Wii U as well.

To give some hope, Microsoft official twitter even directed the fans to ask developer Rare if their Xbox one exclusive game Replay will arrive on Wii U, however, they quickly put these rumors to rest, confirming that Replay won`t be available for Wii U.

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