Madden NFL ’17 Cover Unveiled, Shows Rob Gronkowski

By   /   May 12, 2016

New England Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski should be watching his back now that he’s on the new Madden NFL ’17 cover. The American football player is the latest football player that’s been put on the cover of the highly popular football series.

While not as in-depth as other sports series like NBA 2K (and thankfully with no godawful Spike Lee “story mode”), the Madden NFL series also has something of a poor reputation among sports teams. Not for the quality of games, which have normally gotten good reviews, but for what happens to players that are chosen to be on the cover.

It’s become a rather dark running gag among football fans that players that are on the covers of Madden games soon after suffer a season-ending injury, keeping them from playing for the rest of football season.

These injuries can often be contributed to the physical nature of American football (which has recently come under more scrutiny after the Will Smith film “Concussion” talked about the head injuries and brain damage suffered by many football players). However, many football fans believe that there’s a sinister force at work behind the covers.

Dubbed the “Madden curse,” it’s become enough of a meme to bet on whether the players on the covers of the Madden games will end up suffering an injury. Victims of the “curse” often are top players coming off a strong season, but after suffering an injury will go through a kind of regression.

Hopefully Rob Gronkowski’s spot on the Madden NFL ’17 cover will not cause the same thing to happen to him, but we’ll just have to see how Gronkowski does during this year’s football season to see if he turns into a victim of the ‘curse.”

Madden NFL ’17 will be releasing on August 23, just in time for the football season to start. It will come out with two other sports games, NHL ’17 and FIFA 17.

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