Homefront The Revolution is Graphically Underwhelming, FPS Drops

Release date of Homefront The Revolution is less than a week away which means it is all the more important for the fans to get their hands on the first impressions if they can. While there is still time in proper reviews, there are at least some details regarding the game that we have been able to pick up.

And it is not all rainbows and stars!

According to a Gaffer who has been able to get his hands on the game, Homefront The Revolution is not in an ideal shape. Apparently, the final graphics of the game were received as underwhelming by the guy in question.

This does not mean that the game is lagging behind on technical terms, far from it. In fact, it is the artistic side of the visuals that appear bland.

As is the case with almost every game we get these days, Homefront The Revolution also has a list of technical issues related to the gameplay. For instance there are FPS drops, screen tearing, some crashing and so on.

There are technical issues like screen tearing and FPS drops. I am not sure if its FPS drops or frame pacing issues but the game feels sluggish. Beside that the game crashed once and has other issues like items [getting stuck] in geometry etc. Please note that there maybe a day one patch. It wasn’t up for me yet.

Moving on, while the game feels pretty huge with an initial focus on guerilla warfare (thanks to low resources and weapons at the beginning), it shows slack when it comes to AI as well as shooting. According to the guyin question, shooting “is not satisfying” and movement is also odd.

We’ll know more about the game in the next couple of days.

Thanks, Fezan.