DICE Says Battlefield 1 Is Not Just Trench Warfare

Battlefield 1 is taking the series back in history, but that does not mean that there will be no variety of weapons, vehicles and gameplay. DICE cleared that misconception regarding Battlefield 1 trench warfare in an interview recently.

Lead game designer, Danny Berlin, said that there is a misconception regarding the World War 1 that there were no automatic weapons and just muskets, but in reality it was a time of new weapons, automatic rifles, semi-automatic rifles and so on. Design director Lars Gustavsson added:

This was the first time ever that people saw light tanks, heavy tanks, armored trucks.

He further said that if you raise your head from the trench and see a tank coming towards you, then you should get out of there. There are bombers in the air who can clear a path for the ground troops, and of course battleships can destroy entire shorelines.

Gustavsson said that World War 1 was a worldwide conflict, it stretched from China to Europe. Trench warfare was just a small part of it. There were battles that took place in deserts and up on the mountains of Italy.

He used to think that the battle for oil started in the second world war, but actually it started in World War 1 era. He realized that there is so much more to World War 1 other than trench warfare.

New technologies were invented during the conflict, the need for new weapons came up and so light machine guns were invented. Gustavsson said:

The world changed during WW1. There were four great empires that ceased to exist just because of it. Lots of great inventions came about during it, even things you don’t think about like trench coats and zippers and teabags.

Battlefield 1 was revealed last Friday with overwhelmingly positive reception. The game will release on October 21 for PC, Xbox one and PlayStation 4.

Thanks, Gamespot.