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The Cancer of Five Nights at Freddy’s, Overwatch Triggers War, Who Are Dark Souls 3 Putssies?

By   /   May 12, 2016

Here we are with another video episode of Videogames of Yestermorrow discussing Overwatch beta, Five Nights at Freddy’s and Dark Souls 3. Videogames of Yestermorrow is where we spend some quality time discussing the news that really matters, the way news used to be. Here’s to the 50’s!

Today’s Broadcast: Yanks, Franks, and Rooski’s duke it out over Overwatch; Five Nights At Freddy’s moves to consoles, much to the dismay of parents across the nation; and we take some time to educate the viewer on the finer things in life, like P.U.T.S.S.I.E.S.

The Overwatch beta has ended, leaving the Yanks (Americans), Franks (French) and the Rooski’s (Russians) yearning for more. It was definitely one of the more in-demand beta tests, hence the war alarms that came in its absence in our video.

Watch the video for the rest of it!

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