Another Wii Remote Patent Claim Won by Nintendo Against Motion Games

By   /   May 12, 2016
Nintendo Wii Remote Patent Claim

Being sued is nothing unheard off by the folks over at Nintendo, especially after the technology used in Wii and the Wii Remote, there have been a number of patent claims and more that they have had to face. This time it was Motion Games that had filed a Wii Remote patent claim.

Motion Games had previously filed a patent claim against Nintendo for the technology used in the Remote, but that case had been invalidated by the court.

The LLC decided to appeal against the invalidation of their patent claim and took Nintendo to the court again. However, they were out of luck this time as well, because Nintendo was able to successfully differentiate between their patent and the Wii Remote patent claim filed by them.

Motion Games’ patent described cameras and systems that track assembly-line components, such as car parts. Motion Games asserted that the Wii Remote infringed that manufacturing patent. During the litigation, Nintendo successfully overcame numerous needlessly burdensome discovery demands from Motion Games, including improper demands to interrogate top-level executives.

It looks like asking for interrogation of top-level Nintendo executives is not something Nintendo takes lightly. Anyhow, Ajay Singh, Nintendo of America’s Director of Litigation and Compliance, has said that “Motion Games’ patent is invalid and never should have been granted.”

He referred to Motion Games’ attempt as pure “litigation tactics” which no sound basis.

Litigation tactics cannot save an invalid patent, and such attempts only underscore the need for patent reform that reduces unnecessary burdens on defendants.

In the past Nintendo has also been sued by names like Philips, Secure Axcess, Wall Wireless, SR Tronic and tons of others.

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