AMD Crimson 16.5.2 Improves DOOM, Star Wars Battlefront Textures, League of Legends Crossfire Support

By   /   May 12, 2016

AMD has released a new driver AMD crimson 16.5.2 for its Radeon graphics card lineup. This new driver offers improvements for upcoming first person shooter DOOM, however, the changelog does not mention in which way this driver will improve DOOM.

The crimson 16.5.2 also fixes the textures in Star Wars Battlefront Survival of Hoth mission, and now the ground textures are displayed correctly. League of Legends also runs smoothly even with Crossfire. Fixes also included for Forza Motorsport 6 Apex, The Witcher 3, Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare. Also driver provides Crossfire support for Battleborn.

The highlights of changlog and fixes are below:

Fixed Issues

  • Frame Rate Target Control may not keep the users previous settings when disabled.
  • Radeon Settings may sometimes suggest upgrading to an older driver revision when using the new driver notification feature.
  • The option to enable/disable AMD Crossfire™ technology logo may be missing on some system configurations from the” Gaming, Global Options” tab in Radeon Settings.
  • Radeon Settings game manager does not display icons for Origin Games.
  • Radeon Settings launch with Eyefinity profiles may sometimes not take effect after system has been rebooted for profiled games.
  • League of Legends users may experience minor graphical corruption when using AMD Crossfire technology mode.
  • Star Wars™: Battlefront users may see corrupted ground textures in the Survival of Hoth mission.

Known Issues

  • Users in Quad AMD Crossfire technology configurations may be unable to re-enable AMD Crossfire mode when using the global AMD Crossfire option in the “Gaming” tab and toggling it from on to off.
  • Radeon Settings Additional Settings page may not be available when upgrading to Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.5.2 from the current windows update driver. As a work around please clean uninstall all current Radeon Software when upgrading if your system exhibits this issue.
  • Frame Rate Target Control gaming profiles may fail to enable for some games.

You can check out the full list of changes and compatibility notes on the official AMD site and download AMD Crimson 16.5.2.

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