Add Another 25 Million to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Sales by December

By   /   May 11, 2016
Traditional Console Cycle

This year has already been big for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Both consoles have had great games and sales going up and they will keep going up, according to EA.

During a recent investor’s meeting, EA shared its view about PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sales.¬†According to FIFA publisher both machines will sell another 25 million units combined by the end of the year. Judging by previous trends, it is safe to say that majority of sales from that 25 million number would belong to PlayStation 4.

Some major games are coming out on the console this year including The Last Guardian, Horizon Zero Dawn, Gran Turismo Sport, Gravity Rush 2, Hellblade and more.

Most of these titles are systems sellers and will contribute to the success to PS4 this year. Microsoft on the other hand is shifting focus from consoles to Windows gaming. The company is working hard to bring both Xbox and Windows 10 gaming under one digital roof.

Microsoft is also working a device called HoloLens which is still some time away and provides fans with an AR experience. It is the only device of its kind but according to the company, the world isn’t yet ready for HoloLens. This means that PlayStation VR has the headset market to itself and should have no problems moving many PS4 units.

HoloLens for Xbox One won’t be available for a while.

Do you agree with EA’s estimate of¬†PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sales?

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