Grand Theft Auto Online Ban-Wave Cleans Los Santos’ Streets

By   /   May 11, 2016
Grand Theft Auto Online new mode

If you’re one of the people playing Grand Theft Auto Online that manage to cheat or hack the game in some way, whether through lag-switching or PC hacks or other forms of cheating, other people don’t have to worry about that any longer. Rockstar Games has implemented the latest Grand Theft Auto Online ban-wave, which has wiped the streets of Los Santos clear of these kinds of scum for the time being.

Rockstar Games already has anti-hacking measures in place for GTA Online ever since patch 1.29, but that hasn’t completely gotten rid of the problem of hackers ruining the game for everyone else.

These measures included everything from gutting your wallet to banning you from GTA Online chat and mic talking, and even permanently banning you from GTA Online.

If you got hit with all three of these bans on the same account, you would also be banned from playing the story mode of the game. This would leave you to play in Offline Mode, by yourself, with everyone safe from your little power fantasies.

However, while these haven’t completely gotten rid of the problem of hackers, the Grand Theft Auto Online ban-wave does cause a massive amount of hacking players to be banned all at once. The hackers will inevitably find a way back in, but at least the game will be clean for a while.

Even if you do encounter hackers in-game, it’s always worth it to play in a private lobby with your own crew to avoid hackers.

The GTA Online hacking problem has come from a lack of private servers in Rockstar. With no protected, private servers, anyone that has the self-entitlement to be a hacker and ruin the game for everyone else can just walk in.

This is because Rockstar had originally not expected GTA Online to be popular and so had not bothered setting up a private server.

Hopefully, with all of the money that they get from Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar will eventually come to their senses and migrate over to a server that isn’t vulnerable to hackers that ruin the game for everyone else.

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