eSports is Not a Sport According to Berlin House of Representatives, LCS Playere Face Issues

By   /   May 11, 2016
eSports is Not a Sport

In a time where eSports is quickly becoming popular and is watched by million of fans across the globe, there are still many who refuse to recognize it as an actual sport, according to them eSports is not a sport.

ESPN recently dipped its toes in eSports and U.S GOVT recognizes eSports players as professional athletes, as far as granting visas go. However, there are still those who don’t agree and Berlin House of Representatives is an entity that refuses to grant residence permits to players. Not only that but getting visas for the LCS is a pain as well.

According to Berlin House: “esports” are computer games and therefore not a sport but a game.”

Folks over at Berlin are insistent on keeping both terms – games, sports – exclusive to certain activities that shut each other out. Players are also not exempted from the country’s youth protection laws which bounds minors to not playing games after 8PM.

This law is applied to other activities as well, however, there is a sub-section that allows minors to participate in musical activities, theaters and even play football after 8PM.  Minors can also work till 11 p.m for filming and shooting picture etc; this is the law that is used in LCS to allow minors to play past 8PM.

One of the issues in recognizing games as a sport is because they are owned by someone, while other activities like football, Cricket, Baseball etc aren’t someone’s property. But why does it matter? An eSports player can go through the same physical exhaustion.

The Berlin House isn’t in the business of telling people what is a sport and what’s not, according to it. But it is when it comes to issuing visas and permits. The German Govt needs to make some changes to its laws to make them more flexible or better, recognize eSports as an actual sport.

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