eSports Awareness Numbers Will Pass 1 Billion in 2016

By   /   May 11, 2016
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With eSports rapidly becoming a highly popular kind of sport through numerous games like Call of Duty, Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Halo, and Defense Of The Ancients 2, eSports awareness numbers are predicted to pass a billion people this year.

This even comes in the face of countries like France and Germany, who don’t see eSports as “real” sports.

Starcraft has been a highly popular game in South Korea for many years now, with South Koreans being seen as some of the best Starcraft 2 players in the world. Many professional players even say that they try and shoot for a certain number of “clicks per minute”.

The biggest eSports tournaments are even able to fill huge stadiums with people, with even more people watching it being streamed online. Newzoo, a games and eSports website, attributes the increase to three things.

These reasons include involvement by mainstream media, a better effort by publishers to promote, and explosive growth in various eSports Leagues in the global, regional, and local tournaments.

Turner Broadcasting, for instance, holds its own eSports tournaments in an effort to pull young people back to watching television. ESL, the Electronics Sporting League, also hosts a 24/7 eSports channel in the Baltics and Nordic countries.

Esports still have a long way to go before they’re able to attract the sorts of TV ratings that regular professional sports like football, baseball, and other sports like that possess. However, Newzoo surveyed 16 different countries and found that between 2015 and 2016, eSports awareness numbers increased in percentage from 53.7% in 2015 to 65.7% in 2016.

Newzoo also increased its own viewership from 131 million eSports viewers to 148 million. The audience, combined between people that watch eSports regularly and the occasional viewers that number around 144 million, numbers around 292 million in total.

At the same time, they’re still growing rapidly in popularity due to the increase in multiplayer geared towards competitive play.

Even games such as Blizzard’s free-to-play card game Hearthstone have had tournaments with thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes. These sorts of events, that don’t imply excellent reflexes and training like other games, can cause eSports awareness numbers to rise as well.

Its upcoming team shooter game Overwatch might very well have something similar happen to it due to the game’s multiplayer even ensuring that you have a balanced team before play. Though before that happens, Blizzard’s going to have to get rid of the player base’s urge to flood their teams with Bastion.

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