EA Isn’t Concerned about PS4K and Xbox 1.5, Frostbite Can Handle Multiple Machines

By   /   May 11, 2016
Traditional Console Cycle

CFO of EA, Blake Jorgensen, has expressed his views about the rumored PS4K and Xbox 1.5 during the shareholders conference. However, there is no official confirmation for these two consoles, there has only been rumors.

Jorgensen said that the company is not particularly concerned about the arrival of the updated PS4 and Xbox one, but is convinced that SONY and Microsoft will have to work to make sure that all existing games and and accessories for the current consoles are compatible with them.

He further said that developing games for PS4K and Xbox 1.5 will not be any different from the current consoles. He said the developing process of the developers is designed to minimize the risk, plus all the internal studios are developing games with Frostbite engine and this makes it easier to develop cross platform titles for current and new consoles.

Jorgensen said that the company has adopted a development method, that allows them to generate a steady flow of money and profits regardless of the console life cycle. He closed by saying that he does not know if SONY and Microsoft has planned anything, but the company is excited about the growth in market and will be ready if a new console drops.

Jorgensen also revealed Star Wars Battlefront 2 details during the conference, and said that the game will be bigger and better and also will feature content from the new movies. He also talked about other Star Wars action games that are under development at Visceral and Respawn. He said these games will release next year, however, we don`t know that by next he means 2017 or company`s next fiscal year.

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