Battlefield 1 PC is Digital Only in North America: DICE Confirmed

By   /   May 11, 2016
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If you visit Amazon, GameStop or any other retailer from North America to grab a copy of Battlefield 1 PC, you will only be offered a digital copy of the game. This is an issue for those who still prefer getting a retail copy on PC.

According to DICE, Battlefield 1 will only be available digitally in North America. EA DICE confirmed:

Here in North America, there will be a PC box version that you can buy in stores that will have a code in the box and no disc. If you buy that same PC box version Internationally, some countries will offer a disc inside

Not having a disc inside the case makes no sense, you’ll just go to the store for a plastic box with the game’s box art on it? Having a retail version is more than about getting a box, PC users prefer digital but there is a huge chunk to the community that still prefers retail.

A retail box with a digital code applies to the standard edition of Battlefield 1. Meanwhile, Early Enlister Deluxe Edition is digital only. If you are willing to spend lots of money and have deep pockets – there is Exclusive Collector’s Edition that comes with a 14-inch statue, a cloth poster, a deck of cards, a patch, and a messenger pigeon tube with DLC inside but it is exclusive to consoles.

Source: PC Gamer

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