Uncharted 4 Journal Entries Locations ‘Lost Art of Journaling’ Guide

By   /   May 10, 2016
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Uncharted 4 journal entries are sketches and comments that appear in singleplayer Story Mode and are added to in-game journal.

Just like Uncharted 4 journal notes, journal entries also appear with a special icon – simply walk upto them in order to pick them up.

There are some Uncharted 4 journal entries that are automatically added to your journal. There are some, on the other hand, that require a bit of searching and can be missed.

All Uncharted 4 journal entries can be collected during a single playthrough of the game. Finding all journal notes in Uncharted 4 will unlock Jot This Down and Lost Art of Journaling trophies.

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Uncharted 4 Journal Entries Locations

Our Uncharted 4 journal entries locations guide details the locations of all journal entries in the game.

Chapter #8 – The Grave of Henry Avery

Journal Entry – Excavated Grave
After entering the graveyard, head over to the left-hand-side and find it inside an open grave.

Journal Entry – Libra Constellation Sketch
After heading down the stairs into the first chamber by interacting Benjamin Bridgeman gravestone, look at the door after solving the puzzle before interacting with the door to collect this Journal Entry.

Chapter #9 – Those Who Prove Worthy

Journal Entry – Tew’s Warning
Right at the start, head towards the shrine and observe the gibbet on the right side to find the first journal entry.

Journal Entry – Door Mechanism
After solving the Three Crosses Puzzle, use the lock mechanism to find the second journal entry.

Chapter # 10 – The Twelve Towers

Journal Entry – Condent’s Sigil
Before getting back to 4×4, scale the ruined tower and examine the strange symbol drawn on the ground to find the first journal entry.

Journal Entry – Baldridge’s Sigil
After clearing the first outpost, follow the detonator wiring, blast open the door, and examine the symbol on the ground to find the second journal entry.

Journal Entry – Signal Tower
You simply need to exit the 4×4 and look at the signal tower to comment about the spectacular view and find the third journal entry.

Journal Entry – Bonny’s Sigil
After lowering the drawbridge, head to the tower’s main floor and examine the drawing of Anne Bonny on the ground to find the last journal entry.

Chapter #12 – At Sea

Journal Entry – Sunken Ship
You simply need to stand on the beach and examine the sunken ship in order to get this journal entry.

Journal Entry – Grave
Once you are on the beach, head to the left side to find the journal entry.

Journal Entry – Dead Pirate on the Pole
Right at the beginning of the chapter, you need to examine the skeleton hanging from the pole to find this journal entry.

Journal Entry – Cistern
Once you are in the area with bird feeder, veer towards the lower side and examine the cistern to find this journal entry.

Journal Entry – Diorama
After you are in the water area, drop down and head inside the side-room on the left-hand-side to find another journal entry.

Journal Entry – Large Avery Statue
In order to get the last journal entry of this chapter, you simply need to stand in front of the Avery Statue.

Chapter #13 – Marooned

Journal Entry – Impaled Skeleton
Just before the cave slide, you need to examine the impaled skeleton on the wall in order to find this journal entry.

Journal Entry – Hanging Skeleton
Near the water-filled cave, you need to examine the suspended skeleton with the spike to find this journal entry.

Chapter #14 – Join Me in Paradise

Journal Entry – Horse Bones
While inside the barn, you need to interact with the horse bones to enter this journal entry.

Journal Entry – Pirate Code of Conduct
You simply need to interact with the statue located near the barn to enter this journal entry.

Journal Entry – Sam in The Stock
You need to be near Sam as he tries to place himself in the stocks.

Journal Entry – Defaced Avery Statue
You need to examine the engravings behind the Avery Statue in order to add this journal entry.

Chapter #15 – The Thieves of Libertalia

Journal Entry – Avery Statue Head
After you reach the far backside of the Treasury, you will be able to get this journal entry.

Chapter #17 – For Better or Worse

Journal Entry – Water Wheel
During this chapter, you need to look at the large water wheel which is used during the puzzle.

Journal Entry – Collapsed Bridge
After riding the elevator with Elena, you need to approach the right-hand-side of the cliff, just before the ledge and you will find the second journal entry of this chapter.

Chapter #18 – New Devon

Journal Entry – Gunsway Vase
After entering Baldridge’s bedroom, you will find the journal entry on a small table inside the main room.

Journal Entry – The Dead Captains
You need to check the table after the cinematic in order to find the last journal entry in Uncharted 4.

This is all we have on Uncharted 4 Journal Entries locations guide. If there is something else you would like to know, do make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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