Nintendo NX EA Games May Be Happening, Will it Make Sense?

By   /   May 10, 2016
Nintendo NX Backwards Compatibility

There’s already been news that the Nintendo NX, Nintendo’s upcoming new console, will be having Triple A games being ported over to it. Now, we may be getting Nintendo NX EA games…”if it makes sense,” according to EA executive Patrick Soderlund. Will it? Only the time will tell.

Soderlund said that both he and EA were big fans of Nintendo and that the company is in constant communication with them, and if Nintendo comes to the market with the Nintendo NX and it looks good, then EA will be there.

On the original Wii console, many games in that time period got a Playstation 3 version, an Xbox 360 version, and a Wii version, but that appears to have gone away in the later years of the Wii U. Up until around 2014, many Triple A games were also ported over to the Wii U.

Now, that appears to be a thing of the past as Nintendo turned more towards games specifically designed for the console.

Now, with the Wii U starting to come under price cuts and slowly being phased out in favor of the new console, Nintendo NX EA games might be something that we can see soon after the Nintendo NX finally comes out.

One thing that may be happening with Nintendo NX EA games is that the NX may be getting current-gen Triple A games such as Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefield 4, both of which are EA titles that did not get releases on the Wii U.

If EA is willing to cooperate, the Nintendo NX could get other Triple A games that could help to boost the console’s popularity.

In the meantime, we don’t really know what all will be coming to the Nintendo NX when it releases aside from the upcoming Legend of Zelda game, which will be releasing both on the Wii U and the Nintendo NX, after it comes out.

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