EA Confirms Need For Speed in 2017, Excited Enough?

By   /   May 10, 2016
Need For Speed in 2017

If you’ve got the need, the Need for Speed, then EA and Ghost Games have a good announcement for you. There will be a new Need For Speed in 2017, allowing you to drive fast cars, race through city streets, and pull off amazing stunts.

The previous entry in the Need For Speed franchise had been the 2015 Need For Speed game, a full reboot of the franchise. It was released in November of 2015 on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Another game, called Need For Speed: Edge, is an MMO racing game that is currently in development by EA Spearhead. It is based off of 2013’s Need For Speed: Rivals.

Need For Speed 2015 was a resounding success for EA, according to the announcement for the Need For Speed in 2017. In Need For Speed 2017, players earned 9.8 billion reputation points, took 35 million snapshots, did over 10 million drag races, and did over 52 million challenge events. Players also earned, according to an infographic released by Ghost Games, a staggering $2,494,622,553,950 in in-game currency.

However, the game only won middling reviews from critics. Critics cited that while the game looked and sounded great, it got criticism for having only dusk-to-dawn racing, having to always be online to play, rubber-banding AI, and lacking a cockpit view.

Rubber-banding AI (where the AI will suddenly pour on speed to catch up with you if you get too far ahead or will slow down to allow you to catch up if they’re too far ahead) and always online “features” in racing games and other games have often been a subject of criticism.

With luck, Ghost Games will take these complaints to heart and the Need for Speed in 2017 will be a game worthy of any acclaim that it gets.

Need for Speed 2015’s Speedlists in-game social media will be the last bit of content added to the game before work focuses completely on the Need For Speed in 2017.

So, are you guys excited about the new need for speed? Or you stopped getting excited for it in favor of other racing franchises? Let us know in the comments below.

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