Developer Recreates Bloodborne The Hunter’s Dream in Unreal Engine 4

By   /   May 10, 2016

As if there hasn’t been enough proof that Unreal Engine 4 can create beautiful and detailed environments, now one enterprising developer has decided to recreate Bloodborne The Hunter’s Dream, the central hub location and “base” of players in From Software’s 2015 smash hit Bloodborne.

The Hunter’s Dream is the central hub of the action RPG game, somewhat disconnected from the rest of the city of Yharnam and its various locations as you go from Yharnam to the Dream via lanterns scattered throughout the game world.

Within the Hunter’s Dream, players are able to level up by speaking to the Doll, buy new weapons from a store, upgrade their weapons or access their storage. By using the tombstones scattered around the map they are also able to go from location to location, or enter the optional challenge areas known as Chalice Dungeons.

With Unreal Engine 4, artist Simon Barle has managed to recreate the quiet and elegant, yet dark and overcast Hunter’s Dream. Unreal Engine 4 has already been used to recreate things like Sonic the Hedgehog, physical locations, a Tomb Raider 2 remake, and Skyrim. Now, its power has been turned to recreate the towering Gothic facades of the city of Yharnam.

Considering Bloodborne’s already amazing graphics quality, with streets that glisten with moisture and huge splashes of blood that spray across walls and cover the player’s clothing, putting the Hunter’s Dream in Unreal Engine 4 can only make it look even better.

While we unfortunately don’t get to see the inside of the Hunter’s Dream’s workshop where you can tinker with all of your weapons and access your storage, the video that shows off the Hunter’s Dream in Unreal Engine 4 does show us the outside of the area with plenty of detail (even adding fireflies buzzing around lanterns).

We can only hope that even more creations in Unreal Engine 4 will be coming out soon.

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