Battleborn Character Builds Guide – Best Hero Builds For Healer, Sniper, Tank, Support

By   /   May 10, 2016
Battleborn Competitive Mode

With over 20 Battleborn characters to choose from, Battleborn character builds are very important to dominate your opponents given that team roles are clearly defined in the game. Furthermore, it is a good idea to learn which role you excel playing at and then choose your Battleborn accordingly with the best possible hero build.

There are some Battleborn characters that can dish out insane amount of damage, but make excellent support characters as well.

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Battleborn Characters Build Guide

Our Battleborn characters build guide will help play a wide range of characters in the game in possibly more than one role.

However, do note that the Battleborn characters build are not set in stone and you can always change them however you like to come up with something that suits your unique playstyle and appraoch.


With this build, you will get some decent life-steal and health regeneration; guaranteeing that you continue to stay alive and be in the battle for as long as possible! The idea is to self-survive and negate damage dealt to him.

Moreover, Attikus has huge damage potential which can be achieved with this build. Since there are a few possibilities, you can go for more damage in place of sustain and lifesteal. Attikus cannot only tank a whole lot of damage, but also deal damage; depending upon how you build.

Using his alternative attack, you can get decent ranged damage.

Left – Hedronic Siphoning
A portion of damage dealt by Hedronic Arc is returned to Attikus as health – 15% lifesteal.

Right – Energetic Pounce
Activating Pounce causes Attikus shields to immediately begin rapidly recharging until impact – 105 shield recharge per second.

Left – Brawler’s Boon
A portion of damage dealt by Attikus’ melee attacks is returned to him as health – 15% lifesteal.

Right – Quickening Arc
Attikus moves faster while Hedronic Arc is shocking enemies – 30% movement speed.

Right – Hedronic Haste
Attikus’ skill cooldowns are reduced slightly for each charge accumulated by Hedronic Collector – upto -15% cooldown time.

Left – Disruptor Field
Increases Hedronic Arc damage against enemy shields – 50% bonus damage to shields.

Right – Swift Strikes
Increases Attikus’ attack speed – 20% attack speed.

Left – Big Splash
Increases Pounce’s area of effect – 50% AoE radius.

Left – Hedronic Chain
Hedronic Arc chains to nearby enemies, dealing reduced damage to the additional targets – 50% damage to nearby targets.

Left – Wake of Destruction
Hedronic Eruption scorches the earth, dealing damage over time to enemies in its area of effect – 240 damage over 2 seconds.

Oscar Mike

This build is pretty good for players who are not yet familiar with Battleborn and are coming straight from popular shooters like Call of Duty and Halo. You should try and get the Mutation which will add a whole lot to your kit.

Left – Impact Trigger
Frag Grenades detonate on impact.

Left – Fragcendiary Grenade
Upon detonation, Frag Grenades blanket an area in napalm, dealing damage over time to nearby enemies – 720 damage over 6 seconds.

Left – Red Dot Sight
Fits Oscar Mike’s assault rifle with a red dot sight that enables full-speed movement while aiming down sights.

Right – Tactical Espionage Action
Increases movement speed while Stealth Generator is active – 30% movement speed.

Right – Double Tap
Doubles the number of Tactical Rounds in each magazine – +15 Tactical rounds.

Right – Stealthy shields
Increases shield recharge rate while Stealth Generator is active – 105 shield recharge per second.

Mid – High Velocity Ammo
Increases assault rifle damage – 18% damage.

Left – Fragpoclypse
Increases Frag Grenade’s damage – 15% damage.

Right – Operation Sneaky Ghost
Increases Stealth Generator’s maximum active duration – 6 seconds stealth duration.

Right – Holy Crap Concussive Strike
Enemies damaged by Airstrike are slowed for a short time – 3 seconds slow duration.


When it comes to this build, Incendiary Shells add incredible power to your already powerful Ultimate Ability. Ghalt is not only able to dish out huge amount of damage, but can also tank a lot of it.

Despite the fact that he is basically an attacker, but with the amount of health – that comes with this build – and a healer, he can be so much more.

This build also comes with Slug Rounds which grant Ghalt with increased effective range. While I have ignored Mutations for this build, you should try and experiment with them and see if anything works for you!

Left – The Big Draw
Cloaks deplayed Scraptraps making them virtually invisible at range.

Left – Shocktrap
Deployed Scraptraps deal damage over time to nearby enemies. +60 damage per second.

Left – Slug Rounds
Equips the Revolver Shotgun with single-projectile slug rounds, increasing effective range. +100% range.

Right – Efficient Extraction
Increases The Hook’s travel speed and effective range. +35% speed and range.

Right – Boomsticker
Increases Tactical Shells bonus damage. +15% damage

Left – Drain Chain
While an enemy is hit with The Hook, their shields and health are drained. Up to +360 damage over 3 seconds.

Left – Speedloader
Increases Revolver Shotgun reload speed. +25% reload speed.

Right – Big Trap
Increases the radius of Scraptrap’s stun effects and the shrapnel charge blast radius. +40% area of effect.

Right – Easy Target
Hooked enemies suffer amplified damage. +15% damage for 5 seconds.

Right – Incendiary Shells
Loads the Revolver Shotgun with incendiary shells during Dual Wield, dealing damage over time to struck enemies. +36 damage over 1.5 seconds


Dreadheart basically grants him with extra movement speed while Dreadwind is active. The other option, Desperate Assault, is not too bad and comes in really handy in case your healer is down or you have a broken shield.

It is totally your call whether you like to go with extra movement speed or damage, but I recommend increased movement speed.

Rath is not too hard to learn and performs really well in Meltdown – Incursion is a complete different story. Those who are looking to get some high damage should definitely try this character out.

I also recommend changing the build a bit to find something which works well for you, however, most of the abilities are swordsman-focused or assassin-focused.

Right – Waveform Smash
Catalytic Smash’s shockwave is shortened, but spreads out to the left and right.

Right – Spin to Win
Rath’s primary melee combo’s finishing spin fires twice at the end of the combo.

Right – Catalytic Flash
Catalytic Smash silences enemies on impact. +3 seconds silence duration.

Right – Not a Vampire
Genetic Syphon steals additional health when attacking enemies with melee strikes.i +11% lifesteal.

Right – Catastrophic Smash
Doubles the shockwave length of Catalytic Smash.

Right – To the Point
Increases base damage of all melee strikes. +18% damage.

Right – Quick Cross
Reduces Crossblade’s cooldown. -20% cooldown time.

Left – Softened Target
Enemies hit by Catalytic Smash will take more damage from Crossblade for a short time. +25% damage for 4 seconds.

Left – Dreadheart
Grants a movement speed boost to Rath while Dreadwind is active. +30% movement speed.


This build is designed towards making Reyna the ultimate support in the game. In addition to providing shields to teammates, she is also able to Priority Target enemies which will allow your teammates to deal more damage to enemies.

Mobility Module is another decent ability which allows her to increase the duration of Photonic Ward and makes the shield to follow Reyna as she moves around. This basically allows her to simply move around the area and continue to provide support to her teammates.

Like always, you can go on and do some changes in the build as you see fit and come up with something that supports your unique playstyle.

Left – Electrostatic Induction
When a shield Booster is applied it instantly restores a portion of the wearer’s shield. +120 shield heal.

Right – Lockdown
Reyna’s Laser Pistol and Plasma Pulse briefly slow enemies marked with Priority Target. +3 seconds slow duration.

Right – Optical Amplifier
Increases Laser Pistol’s damage. +18% damage.

Left – Vital Protection
When a shield Booster overshield is applied, it instantly restores a portion of the wearer’s health. +250 health.

Left – Improvised Tactics
While Failsafe is active, all of Reyna’s active skill cooldowns are reduced. -15% cooldown time for All Skills.

Right – First Strike
Increases initial impact damage of Priority Target. +15% damage.

Right – Pulse Pounder
Increases Plasma Pulse’s base damage. +18% damage.

Right – Dogpiler
Increases extra damage suffered by enemies marked by Priority Target. +16% damage Amplification.

Left – Long Watch
Increases shield Booster’s overshield duration. +6 seconds duration.

Right – Mobility Module
Increases the duration of Photonic Ward and causes the shield to follow Reyna as she moves. +4 seconds duration.


This character has a huge damage potential and this is what build tries to take advantage of.

Toby is primarily a mid-range character who can dish out huge amount of damage using Beam Splitter. In addition to this, he also has a slow and stun in his kit which can come in handy during escape or in order to engage a fight.

Right – Me ‘N My Magnets
Railgun projectiles deal bonus damage when passing through a Force Field. +25% damage.

Right – Best Offense
Allies standing behind Toby’s Force Field are granted bonus health regeneration and attack speed. +14 health Regeneration per Second, +15% Attack Speed.

Right – Still Alive! Sorry!
Increase Toby’s maximum shield strength. +240 Maximum shield Strength.

Left – Sorry I Broke Your Legs
Enemies damaged by Arc Mines are slowed. +3 seconds slow duration.

Right – Panic Mode
Toby gains increased damage resistance while his Boosters are out of charges. +30% damage reduction.

Left – Beam Splitter
Toby’s Railgun projectiles split into three blasts when fired through a Force Field.

Left – Riding the Rail
Decreases the time required to fully charge Toby’s Railgun. -20% Charging Time.

Right – Room for Mistakes
Increases each Force Field’s total health. +100% Force Field health.

Left – What’s Mine is Yours
Increases the range that Arc Mines can deal damage. +50% area of effect Radius.

Right – Endangering Species
Enemies damaged by Core Discharge blasts are slowed. +3 Second slow duration.


This build guides basically deals with cooldown reduction and revolves around Shadowfire Pillar. This will basically allow players to span Shadowfire Pillar allowing you to deal huge amount of AOE damage throughout the game.

Left – Fire Walk with Me
Nullify’s propulsive burst produces a trail of fire on the ground. +40 damage over 5 seconds.

Right – I Hate Your Pretty Eyes
Enemies hit by Nullify are blinded for a short time. +1 Second Blind duration.

Right – Oh That Reminds Me
Activating Nullify prompts Orendi’s shields to immediately begin recharging.

Left – Prognostication
Increases Gnosis’ cooldown reduction effect. -4 seconds cooldown time.

Right – Shadowfury
Increases Shadowfire Pillar’s base damage. +15% damage.

Left – Force of Will
Increases the damage of all skills. +15% damage.

Left – Rapid Deterioration
Decreases Nullify’s cooldown time. -20% cooldown time.

Left – Shadowfire Storm
Decreases Shadowfire Pillar’s cooldown time. -20% cooldown time.

Right – Reign of Chaos
Activating Paradigm Shift instantly resets Shadowfire Pillar’s cooldown.


With this build, you will become nearly un-killable. You will not be able to deal a whole lot of damage, but will also be able to tank a lot of damage at the same time. Combine Galilea with this build with Miko and you will become extremely tough to take out.

In addition to this, you will be able to push lane a lot faster with this build so that is a plus point.

Left – Herald’s Return
When shield Throw hits a target, Galilea’s Greatshield returns to her hand, and shield Throw’s cooldown is slightly reduced. -5 seconds cooldown time.

Right – Mark of the Feeble
Enemies hit by shield Throw are wounded, preventing healing for 5 seconds after the effect is applied. +5 seconds Wound duration.

Left – Sentinel Stance
Actively blocking incoming damage causes Galilea’s Corruption to increase.

Right – Forsaken Grounds
Desecrate deals damage to enemies inside its area of effect. +371 damage over 8 seconds.

Right – The Pact
Galilea’s Corruption increases at a faster rate. +25% Faster Corruption

Left – Dark Age
Increases Desecrate’s duration. +3 seconds duration.

Left – Mirror Knight
Galilea’s Greatshield occasionally reflects projectiles. +35% Reflect Chance.

Left – Inescapable Fate
Desecrate fields slow enemies. -30% movement speed.

Right – Tideturner
Hitting a target with shield Throw briefly increases Galilea’s movement speed. +30% movement speed.

Left – Deeper than Doubt
Increases Abyssal Form’s area of effect. +33% area of effect Radius.


Based on the character, you will be able to provide support to your teammate while dealing huge amount of damage at the same time. In addition to this, the character becomes really good at wave-clearing with a complete minion wave taking about 2 seconds to get wiped away!

While using increased damage from some of the abilities, using Energy Mortars should deal insane amount of damage. The guide is meant for beginners, but do not let that stop you from experimenting with stuff and finding the perfect build for your playstyle.

Right – Shocking Pulse
Energy Rift will shock nearby enemies dealing bonus shield damage. +50% Bonus damage to shields.

Right – Overloaded Mortars
Firing Energy Mortars will deplete Kleese’s shield and add it to their damage. +100% Current shield as damage.

Mid – Quantum Precision
Kleese’s Wrist Cannon now charges to fire a focused laser.

Left – Rift Network
Energy Rifts will now link to each other when near each other. Their output will be increased times the number of rifts in the network.

Left – Don’t Call it a heal Chair
Kleese’s Tactical Battle Chair can heal nearby players every second. +120 health per Second.

Left – Bulk Savings
Kleese can have additional Energy Rifts alive in the world at the same time. +1 Rift.

Left – Geezer Pleaser
Killing an enemy with Energy Mortars instantly recharges Kleese’s shield.

Left – Brains Before Brawn
Kleese’s maximum shield strength is increased. +150 Maximum shield Strength

Right – Quick Pulse
Increases the pulse speed of Energy Rift. -33% Pulse Time.

Left – Sharing is Caring
Black Hole gives every friendly team member in range an overshield when it implodes. +225 Overshield.


This build will basically allow you to play a little supportive role by being able to slowing down enemies while constantly providing your team with additional movement speed.

In addition to this, you will be able to deal huge amount of damage using Efficiency Expert. It is a good idea to get Mutations, but if you can, try to stick to the build provided below!

While playing using this build, you need to stay behind your teammates and try to pick enemies from a safe distance. Even if you don’t get kills, you will definitely help your teammates secure them. Lastly, Bindleblast is a must-have ability and you should definitely go for it.

Right – Waste Makes Haste
In addition to slowing enemies, Temporal Distortion now hastens allies. +30% movement speed for 4 seco.

Left – Phaseflyer
Predatory Strike owls no longer collide with the world, guaranteeing a hit on target when activated.

Right – Executive Barrel-Porting
Reduces Bindlebane recoil. -60% Recoil.

Left – Time Killer
All enemies inside a Temporal Distortion bubble take damage over time. +41 damage per second.

Left – Efficiency Expert
Ein, Zwei, Die bonus damage is triggered on the second consecutive hit of a marked target, rather than the third.

Right – Distant Time
Increases Temporal Distortion casting range. +30% Cast Distance

Left – Autoloader
Increases Bindlebane’s reload and attack speed. +25% Reload and Attack Speed.

Left – Windfall
Upon detonation, Predatory Strike owls leave behind areas of effect that deal damage over time. +720 damage over 6 seconds.

Right – Cease and Desist
Intensifies the slowing effect of Temporal Distortion, further reducing enemy movement speed. +30% slow.

Left – Bindleblast
After charging, Bindleblast fires two shots with slightly reduced damage. +1 Shot, -33% damage per Shot.


While there are some people who like to go with healing build when playing with this character, but this build here is primarily focused on dishing out decent amount of damage combined with supportive roles such as providing stuns and things like that.

While playing with this, you will be able to get a lot of kills, but if you are looking for providing healing, this build is not the one you are looking for.

Right – Breathe Deep
Intensifies the slowing effect of Cloud of Spores. +100% slow.

Left – Regenerative Aura
Biosynthesis’ healing-over-time effects are extended to nearby allies.

Left – Evolutionary Emergence
Reduces cooldown time across all skills. -15% cooldown time

Right – Sporeshock
If Cloud of Spores hits an enemy directly, that enemy is stunned rather than slowing all enemies in the blast radius. +2 seconds Stun duration.

Left – Toxic Transfusion
A portion of damage dealt to enemy health by Molecular Mycology is returned to Miko as health. +15% lifesteal.

Left – Probiotics
Increases Biosynthesis’s self-healing effects. +15% healing.

Left – Fight and Flight
Briefly increases movement speed when taking damage. +30% movement speed.

Left – Biosynergy
Using Miko’s heal beam on allies reduces Biosynthesis’ cooldown, allowing more frequent usage. -30% cooldown time

Left – Spore Storm
Enlarges Cloud of Spores’ area of effect. +50% area of effect Radius.

Right – Vicious Strain
Fungus Among Us deals damage over time to enemies in range. +167 damage per second.


With this build, envenoming enemies is huge as it will allow you to gain big lead in the game. You will not be able to get heal, but also deal insane amount of damage. In addition to this, Adrenaline Rush will provide with a little more of survivability.

Left – Hobbling Spike
Enemies hit by Spike are slowed for a brief time. +3 seconds slow duration.

Left – Parting Gift
Spike leaves behind an area of effect that covers nearby enemies with venom and deals damage over time. +20 damage per second over 5 seconds.

Right – Frag Cannister
Reloading Custom Machine Pistol fires a Venom Canister that fragments into smaller projectiles shortly after launch.

Left – Blade Ejection
Claw Lunge launches a blade at the end of the lunge, dealing additional damage. +50 damage.

Left – Adrenaline Rush
Meleeing enemies afflicted with venom increases Mellka’s health regeneration rate for a short time. +7 health Regeneration Rate for 4 seconds.

Left – Spike Burst
Increases Spike’s area of effect radius. This also increases Parting Gift’s area of effect radius. +50% area of effect Radius

Left – Power Spike
Mellka switches to a more deadly form of venom that increases her Spike’s damage. This also increases Parting Gift’s daamge. +15% damage.

Right – Thrill of the Hunt
Increases Machine Pistol’s magazine size. Mellka’s bullets also apply venom to targets. +10 Clip Size.

Left – Feral Strike
Activating Claw Lunge increases Mellka’s melee attack speed for a short time. +20% Melee Attack Speed for 8 seconds.

Left – Blade Storm
Blade Launcher’s blades bounce off of the environment and home in on envenomated enemies instead of exploding on impact.


This build basically revolves around dealing damage over time and having constant health regeneration to keep you moving in the battle.

Do note that while your Minigun will not overheat with this build, you will take damage whenever you reach above overheating. Due to this fact, it is a good idea to have a healer running around you to keep you at full health.

This is not a bad build if you have someone like Miko helping you out in staying in the battlefield. Otherwise, you can just keep yourself from overheating in case you are unable to get a healer.

Right – Weather Man
Increases Minigun accuracy while Hailstorm is active. +30% Accuracy.

Right – Push it Push it Push it
Increases the Pushback effect on Lumberjack Dash. +40% Pushback.

Right – Gatling Grease
Removes Minigun spin-up time. -100% Spin-up Time.

Right – Firestorm
Hailstorm’s bullets now burn enemies dealing bonus damage over time. Increases Minigun heat accumulation per shot fired when Hailstorm is active. +48 Damage Over 2 Seconds.

Right – Hot-Blooded
Montana’s health regeneration rate increases the higher his Minigun heat is. Up to +9 Health Regeneration Per Second.

Right – Feeling the Burn
Montana’s Minigun no longer overheats. Every shot fired beyond maximum heat capacity damages Montana.

Right – Ice Age
Increases Hailstorm skill duration. +2 Seconds Duration.

Left – Too Big to Fail
Reduces the cooldown of Lumberjack Dash, allowing more frequent usage. -25% Cooldown.

Right – Perfect Storm
Increases weapon damage while Hailstorm is active. +14% Damage.

Right – Instant Payback
When Mansformation damage reduction is active, incoming enemy fire is reflected back at the attacker.


Kelvin is capable of stacking up its health to the point of being nearly un-killable.

However, in order to achieve this, you need to have a healer with it. This build essentially revolves around the idea of Kelvin stacking up its health and dealing a whole lot of damage at the same time.

In addition to this, you will be able to stun multiple enemy Battleborn at the same time which is huge. All in all, Kelvin is an absolute monster when it comes to Battleborn characters.

Do make sure to try him out and you will eventually fall in love with him. As always, do not forget to make some changes in the build and see what works best for you.

Right – Coldclock
Every fourth melee hit applies a brief slow to nearby enemies. +1 Second Slow Duration.

Left – Quickbite
Damaging an enemy with Chomp increases Kelvin’s movement speed for a short time. +30% Movement Speed for 2 Seconds.

Left – Swelling Wind
The longer Kelvin remains in his Sublimate form, the more his movement speed increases. Up to +60% Movement Speed.

Left – Mastication Restoration
A portion of health damage dealt by Chomp is returned to Kelvin as health. +23% Life Steal.

Right – Gainedblue Ice
Kelvin takes reduced damage when Permafrost is active. +30% Damage Reduction.

Right – Consume
Killing an enemy with Chomp drastically decreases Sublimate’s cooldown time. -5 Seconds Cooldown Time.

Right – Icy Force
Increases the push back effect of pounding the ground.

Right – Windy Season
Decreases Sublimate’s cooldown, allowing more frequent use. -20% Cooldown Time.

Left – Overeater
Reduces the cooldown of Chomp, allowing more frequent use. -20% Cooldown Time.

Right – Absolute Zero
Enemies in close range of an Ice Wall are slowed. +3 seconds Slow Duration.


When it comes to Battleborn character, Caldarius is relatively a weaker one. However, with this build, you can easily counter his weaknesses and turn them into strengths. This build will basically allow you to have a lot of melee damage as well as some chip damage.

You essentially need to play him as a hit and run character by using your shield as your health. As long as you have your shield, remain in combat and as soon as you run out of it, make a dash for it.

You need to rely on your teammates to finish off targets once you have dealt enough damage to them. So head in, deal some damage until your shield lasts, head out and repeat the process.

Left – Energy Cascade
Activating Gravitic Burst instantly reloads Caldarius’ TMP.

Right – Zealous Frenzy
Activating Gravitic Burst increases energy blade attack speed for a short time. +20% Attack Speed for 5 seconds.

Right – Overdrive
Activating any skill increases movement speed for a short time. +30% Movement Speed over 2 seconds.

Right – FlashMIRV
Flashbang spawns 3 child grenades on impact.

Right – Improved Thrusters
Increases the lateral thrust of Gravitic Manipulators’ second jump.

Right – Rapid Dominance
Reduces Flashbang’s cooldown. -20% Cooldown Reduction.

Left – Adaptive Harmonics
Increases Caldarius’ Energy Blade attacks. +18% Damage.

Left – Gravitic Amplifiers
Increases Gravitic Burst damage. +15% Damage.

Right – Brightblaster
Increases the radius of Flashbang‘s area of effect. +33% Area of Effect Radius.

Left – Tuned Actuation
Aerial Assault now launches instantly. Reduces Aerial Assault cooldown. -20% Cooldown Reduction.

Whiskey Foxtrot

Whiskey Foxtrot in Battleborn can be considered somewhat close to Oscar Mike, but sort of stealthy/assassin kind of Oscar Mike.

For me, Whiskey Foxtrot is probably one of the most fun characters to play in the game. He not only has a lot of damage potential, but he is also self-sustaining since he plays at the far back than anyone else in the game.

When it comes to this build, you can either go for Red Dot Sight if you wish to have increased movement speed or go for Scoped Up if you are looking for some increased accuracy. As mentioned earlier, you should definitely try and make changes in the build and see what works best for you.

Left – Weighed Down
If an enemy is stuck with a Sticky Bomb, they are slowed. +3 Seconds Slow Duration.

Left – Swiss Cheese
Enemies hit by Scrap Cannon are revealed and take increased damage from Whiskey Foxtrot’s Tactical Rifle. +15% Damage for 4 Seconds.

Left – Red Dot Sight
Fits the Tactical Rifle with a Red Dot Sight, removes movement speed penalty while zoomed, and increases zoomed fire rate. +30% Scoped Movespeed.

Right – Stick N Sap
When stuck to an enemy, Sticky Bomb grenades drain shields and health. Up to +216 Damage over 3 Seconds, +50% Damage to Shields.

Left – Reload Burst
Kills grant increased reload speed for 10 seconds. +35% Reload Speed.

Right – Sticky Speed
Increases Sticky Bomb launch speed. +40% Grenade Speed.

Left – Duct-Taped Mags
Fits the Tactical Rifle with 2 taped clips causing every other reload to be faster than normal. +60% Reload Speed.

Right – Long-Distance Flak
Increases Scrap Cannon range and tightens its spread. +30% Range.

Left – Swift Stickies
Reduces Sticky Bomb cooldown time. -25% Cooldown Time.

Right – Overoverdrive
Increases Overdrive magazine size to 100 rounds. +25 Clip Size.


This build will allow Deande to deal huge amount of damage – both from long range and close range.

In addition to this, she can also be a really nice support character; dealing a whole lot amount of damage and keeping herself alive. All in all, she is definitely one of the most fun characters to play and is definitely recommended.

Left – Double Trouble
When activating Holotwin, Deande dashes in the direction in which she is currently moving. Increasing Holotwin’s dash distance. +50% Dash Distance.

Left – All Safeties Off
Increases Holotwin decoy damage. +100% Damage.

Left – Fan Appreciation
Increases thrown War Fans’ damage. +18% Damage.

Right – Drain Dash
Half of the damage dealt by Burst Dash is returned to Deande as health. +50% Life Steal.

Right – Roguelike
For 3 seconds after uncloaking, Deande’s melee strikes to an opponent’s back deal additional damage. +25% Damage.

Left – Burst Brawler
Increases Burst Dash damage. +15% Damage.

Left – Fan O’ War
Increases War Fans melee damage. +18% Damage.

Right – Energized
Reduces Burst Dash’s cooldown timer. -25% Cooldown Time.

Left – Improved Holographics
Reduces Holotwin’s cooldown timer, allowing more frequent use. -25% Cooldown Time.

Left – Doppelgangup
Upon activation of Blink Storm, Deande spawns a Holotwin decoy.


This character has a lot of damage potential, but can die easy. Due to this fact, you need to ensure that you have a piece of gear equipped which will allow you to lifesteal or provide you with constant health regeneration. This will allow you to constantly deal damage to your enemies and stay in the field a whole lot longer.

Alternatively, you can have a healer running around with him and keep him alive for some time.

Left – Watchful Wards
While Rotating Wards is active, each ward reduces ISIC’s shield recharge delay. Up to -2.5 seconds Shield Recharge Delay.

Left – You Dropped These
When Overcharged, Rotating Wards reflect enemy fire.

Right – Charging on the Go
Using your Charge Cannon no longer slows ISIC’s movement speed.

Left – Hold it Right There
Enemies hit during Plasma Dash are stunned. +2 Seconds Stun Duration.

Right – In a Big Rush
Increases movement speed while Overcharged. +50% Movement Speed.

Left – Burlier Wards
Increases Rotating Wards block strength. +225 Ward Strength.

Right – Quick Charge
Decreases the time required to charge up ISIC’s Charge Cannon. -25% Weapon Charge Time.

Left – Hard-Workin’ Wards
Increases the maximum lifetime of Rotating Wards. +6 seconds Ward Duration.

Left – Can’t Run from Me
Increases Plasma Dash speed and maximum range. +50% Plasma Dash Speed and Max Range.

Right – It’s Raining Death
While Omega Strike is active, hitting an enemy directly with a cannon shot launches a barrage of missiles. Launch 2 Missiles, Each Dealing 67 Damage.


With this build, Calamitous Cascade will allow her to have increased damage if enemies are caught within the Blade Cascade. Blade Cascade already has huge amount of damage and this build will allow you to do even more.

Do not forget about True Strike as it is the main thing in her kit. In addition to this, Phasegate v2 will allow you to have increased movement speed and the ability to slow people.

Lastly, you need to note that you should not play Phoebe as a charging character and try to take your time with her.

Left – Aggressive Advance
Exiting Phasegate grants increased movement speed of a short time. +30% Move Speed Increase for 3 Seconds.

Right – Phase Distortion
Phasegate creates a field at Phoebe’s target destination that slows nearby enemies. +6 Second Slow Duration.

Right – Sharpened Blades
Phoebe’s melee attacks deal increased damage. +18% Weapon Damage.

Right – Raddoppio
When Blade Rush strikes an enemy, the skill’s cooldown is reduced. Increased effect on major enemies. Up to -2 Second Cooldown Time.

Left – Passata Sotto
Landing a hit with True Strike increases Phoebe’s defense for a short time. +30% Damage Reduction for 3 Seconds.

Left – Phasegate v2
Reduces Phasegate’s cooldown time. -20 Cooldown Reduction.

Right – Flurry
Increases Phoebe’s primary melee attack speed. +20% Attack Speed.

Left – Scientific Method
Substantially increases Phasegate casting range.

Left – Refined Technique
The further Blade Rush’s travels before striking an enemy, the more damage it deals. Up to +100% Damage.

Left – Calamitous Cascade
Enemies struck by Blade Cascade suffer increased damage from all sources for a short time. +16% Damage Amplification.


The main idea behind this build is to absorb as much damage as we possibly can with our shield up. This will essentially allow you absorb a whole lot of damage and be someone who cannot be killed rather easily.

In addition to this, you will be able to help out your teammates in the game. You need to stay in front with build and soak up most of the game while your team does damage.

Right – Crash Helmet
Activating Boldurdash generates an Overshield on Boldur for a brief period. +225 Overshield for 8 seconds.

Left – Aegis of Anger
Activating Boldurdash immediately activates Rage.

Right – Deft Defender
Boldur is more proficient with his Greatshield, capable of blocking more damage and running at full speed while guarding.

Right – Headsplitter
Enemies hit with Axe Toss are slowed. +3 Seconds Slow Duration.

Left – Angry Agility
When Rage is active, Boldur’s movement speed is increased. +30% Movement Speed.

Right – Boldurcrash
Increases Boldurdash damage. +15% Damage.

Left – Wildblood
Increases the damage of all of Boldur’s melee attacks. +18% Damage.

Right – Impatience
Reduces Boldurdash cooldown time. -20% Cooldown.

Right – Axe Toss Cooldown
Retrieving Boldur’s Runic Axe reduces Axe Toss’s cooldown. -20% Cooldown on Axe Retrieval.

Right – Shield Mastery
While a Runes of Power is active on Boldur’s Greatshield, he is able to guard against enemies’ attacks without generating any heat.


This build will allow you to have some really nice health regeneration while you constantly deal damage to enemy Battleborn.

In addition to this, it will also allow you to heal your teammates so that they are constantly able to dish out huge damage to enemy team. With this build, Sunspot will not only deal damage to enemies, but will also heal you and keep you going on for longer durations of time.

Left – Sunspotter
Enemy players damaged by a Sunspot take increased damage for a short time. +16% Extra Damage over 4 Seconds.

Left – Blessing of the Sun
Increased Sunspot’s healing over time. +50% Health Regeneration Per Second.

Right – Blood Drive
Increases the amount of life stolen from enemies through Ambra’s Staff of Radiance. +15% Life Steal.

Right – Searing Wind
Solar Wind deals more damage the closer Ambra is to her target. Up to +100% Damage.

Left – Cauterization
Ambra gains increased speed when her Flame Shield is active. +60% Movement Speed.

Left – Agile Anomaly
Sunspots can reveal enemies and have increased range. +50% Area of Effect Radius.

Left – Flame Staff
The Extra damage that Ambra’s Scorching Strikes does through the expenditure of Heat is gained as health. +100% Life Steal.

Left – Bask in the Light
Lower Sunspot’s cooldown. +20% Cooldown Time.

Left – Howling Wind
Increases Solar Wind’s area of effect. +40% Area-of-Effect Radius.

Left – Impact Crater
On impact, Extinction Event stuns nearby enemies. +2 Seconds Stun Duration.

El Dragon

Being one of the most underrated characters in Battleborn, this build will allow you to use your ultimate ability to annihilate other players in the game.

I do not recommend using Clothesline unless you are trapped and really want to get out of a certain situation. Like always, do not forget to bring your own changes in the build and see what works best for you.

Right – The Comeback
Enemies hit by Dragon Splash deal reduced damage for a short time. -30% Damage for 8 seconds.

Left – Splash Damage
Dragon Splash leaves behind an electrical field that deals damage over time to nearby enemies. +720 Damage over 6 Seconds.

Right – Power Fist
Replaces El Dragón’s primary melee combo finisher with a powerful, single-target punch.

Right – Flailing Fists
Deactivating Clothesline mid-sprint stops the dash and executes a ground slam, knocking enemies into the air.

Left – Heavyweight
Each Undisputed Champion stack also reduces damage taken by 3%.

Left – Hang Time
Activating Dragon Splash prompts El Dragón’s shield to immediately recharging, as well as imparting health regen. +84 Health Regeneration over 4 Seconds.

Left – From the Top Rope
Reduces Dragon Splash’s cooldown, allowing more frequent use. -20% Cooldown Time.

Right – Attitude Adjustment
Enemies struck by Dropkick suffer increased damage for a short time. +16% Damage Amplification for 8 Seconds.

Right – Lifeline
Health Damage dealt by Clothesline is returned to El Dragón as health. +100% Life Steal.

Left – Title Fight
Activating En Fuego creates a ring of fire, dealing 200 damage to enemies as they enter or exit. Hawkeye’s target effect lasts longer. +1 Second Homing Duration.


This build will allow you to lock-on with hawkeye and deal some absolutely crazy damage with this build. In addition to this, this character has insane amount of damage per second.

Surgical Strike can increase your damage quite a lot which can come in really handy when tossing rockets – damage upto 200 per hit. As mentioned earlier, you can feel free to change it as much as you want and see what suits your playstyle the best.

Right – Persistent Projectiles

Right – Wind Chill
On activation, Liftoff slows nearby enemies. +1 seconds slow.

Left – Ready Rockets
Increases Rocket Launcher’s reload speed. +30% Reload Speed.

Left – Rapid Reload
Activating Hawkeye instantly reloads Benedict’s Rocket Launcher.

Right – Tailwind
Increases Benedict’s in-air gliding speed. +25% Flight Speed.

Right – Heavy Bombardment
Homing Rockets deal increased damage to enemies. +20% Damage.

Right – Surgical Strike
Increases Rocket Launcher damage while reducing its area of effect. +18% Damage, -20% Area of Effect Radius.

Left – Frequent Flyer
Reduces Liftoff cooldown, allowing more frequent use. -25% Cooldown time.

Left – Less Talk, More Hawk
Reduces Hawkeye’s cooldown. -25% Cooldown Time.

Right – Rockets Launchin’ Rockets
While Boomsday’s guided missile is in flight, reactivating the skill fires smaller rockets.


This build basically revolves around maximizing the overall damage output of Thorn in Battleborn. In addition to this, it capitalizes on Cursing enemy Battleborn and dealing huge damage to them.

While you can go with anything when it comes where I have mentioned the Mutation, but the Mutation is amazing in the sense that it provides 100 per cent shield penetration allowing you to deal with enemy tanks if they are in the front line.

Left – Swampfoot
Enemies damaged by Blight are slowed for a short time.

Left – Cursed Earth
When Thorn is touching Blight’s field, all of her arrows become cursed.

Left – Draw Strength
Arrows penetrate multiple targets.

Left – Kreshek’s Judgment
Volley arrows curse targets on hit.

Mid – Fiendish Curse
Bonus damage to cursed targets penetrates shields. +100% Shield Penetration.

Left – Brutal Blight
Blight’s area of effect of damage is increased. +15% Damage.

Right – Vaulting Hunter
Increases the height of Thorn’s jump.

Left – Enduring Blight
Increases Blight’s effective duration. +6s Duration.

Left – Archer’s Boon
A portion of Volley damage dealt to enemies is returned to Thorn as health. +30% Life Steal.

Right – Earthrender
Wrath of the Wild leaves a Blight field behind after detonation.

This is all we have on Battleborn Characters Build guide. If there is something else you would like to know, do make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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