10% Of Dark Souls 3 Players Haven’t Touched the Game, Apparently

By   /   May 10, 2016
dark souls 3 players

Dark Souls 3 hit a large number of sales milestones, with over 520,000 people buying it just on PC. While hundreds of thousands of other people also bought the games on Xbox One and Playstation 4, there’s also a notable issue with the PC version…the players. According to the Steam Achievements for Dark Souls 3, 10% of Dark Souls 3 players that have bought the game have yet to even reach the first bonfire.

In the Dark Souls games and other From Software titles Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne, bonfires, lanterns, and archstones denote checkpoints in the game. Once you die (which you inevitably will), you will end up back at the last bonfire you either activated or sat down at. Sitting down at a bonfire causes enemies to respawn, but also refills all of your stat bars.

The 10% of Dark Souls 3 players that haven’t reached the game’s first bonfire yet have had to have some kind of problem in order to not have reached the game’s first bonfire.

The only things in their way are a number of easily defeated enemies and a short walk, so unless you’re either terrible at the game or haven’t even touched it, there’s almost no excuse.

Dark Souls 3 did have a rocky start on Western PCs due to a bug causing random crashes when they reached the first bonfire. News flash for you guys: the bug is fixed, you can play again.

In a similar vein to a lack of players that reach the first bonfire, 25% of Dark Souls 3 players have failed to beat the game’s first boss, Iudex Gundyr. Gundyr blocks the way to Firelink Shrine, the hub location of the game, and is likely one of the easier bosses in the game because of how early he is.

Whether this is coming from a lack of skill in the 25% of players that haven’t beaten the boss or just deciding that the game isn’t for you, I and many other Dark Souls 3 players will say this to you: “Git gud.”

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