Three Competitive League Of Legends Teams Banned by Riot, Why?

By   /   May 9, 2016
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League Of Legends developer Riot has banned three teams from ever participating in competitive contests of their game.

Two of the banned teams are from North American League Of Legends Championship series, Team Impulse and Renegades, and the third team that got banned is Challenger Series Team Dragon Knights. These teams will now have to sale their spot in the championship within ten days due to reported misconduct.

The studio has detailed the allegations against the teams, the allegations include failure to pay players, poor treatment of player and also failed to provide disclosure information to the board which brought the legitimacy of the team into question.

Riot stated that this has been a major issue for Team Impulse`s players, many of the players did not even receive the league mandated minimum player compensation during the 2015 Summer Split.

The charges against Renegades were failing to maintain a safe environment for its players and failed to honor the salary agreement. The studio further stated that Renegades had a difficult time team Dragon Knights, following players trade between them.

Also another charge against team Renegade was the involvement of the suspended Renegades owner, Chris Badawi. The allegation states that the current team owner had agreed a 50% ownership stake with Chris Badawi, that would have gone into effect right after the ban was lifted.

Both Renegades and Dragon knights were founded to provide incomplete or inaccurate answers and documents to intentionally hide interactions with each other which exceeded acceptable bounds.

Riot Stated:

Co-mingled finances and operations can lead to establishment of influence between teams that forces one party into non-beneficial decisions (like trading away strong players) and, at worst, unfair play (described in Rule 10.1 of the LCS ruleset) – that’s why such arrangements are expressly forbidden in the LCS ruleset and Team Agreement.

For all the reasons stated above Riot banned these teams and all three teams are given until 11:59pm PST on 18 May to sell all rights and legal claim to their LCS/CS spot.

Do you think that it was a right step by Riot? Let us know in the comments.

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